Why Curb Appeal Is Important To A House

First impressions always matter no matter what it is from job interviews to your curb appeal. But when it comes to selling your home curb appeal is the big deal. Curb appeal is on the rise for home selling its according for seven percent of home prices right now. So yes you should pay attention to it.

Curb appeal is the way your home looks from the outside or the street. There are a few factors that play into curb appeal such as the color of your house the landscaping and the condition of the exterior and how well kept it is. The overall outside maintenance of your home contributes to curb appeal.

curb appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal is important before listing it for sale. Curb appeal is probably one of your best assets when it comes time to sell your home. No one wants to buy a fixer-upper in a nice neighborhood. If people love the outside of your home they will more than likely be open and excited about the interior of your home.

Increase your home curb appeal

Here are a few clever ways to bring in the buyers and try and get top dollar in Michigan.

  1. Painting the house if your home is looking a little shady to home buyers one way to spruce the exterior up is to add a fresh new coat of paint. A full exterior paint job in Michigan will go a long way. Painting your house can be costly but it can make the difference if the home is overdue for a fresh coat of paint. You might see buyers walk through. Exterior painting is one of the most requested services in Michigan during the spring and summer.
  1. Window cleaning in Michigan is a must when you have your house up for sale. Cleaning your windows regularly can tell the buyers that the house has been well taken care of. Giving your windows a good scrub can be easy and inexpensive a regular window cleaning in Michigan looks at about $300. Get rid of that window grime and let your windows sparkle.
  1. Repaint your doors just like paint the exterior of the house painting entry points of the home can be eye-catching. Black doors or gray doors can escalate more to the asking price. Focus on painting your front door or garage door as these are the first two doors buyers see. You can always replace the front door and skip re-painting it. It’s around $275 to have a pro come out and do the work for you.
  1. Landscaping doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s something you may need to revisit. All your landscaping could use is repotted flowers or a few brushes trimmed. It might be beneficial for you to have a landscaping service in Michigan advise on what can spruce up your yard. One other thing if you have a deck or patio in Michigan think about tidying it up and washing it down now you want to make sure it’s in good condition.
  2. Power washing your driveway can make the front of your home look nice no one that is trying to buy a house right now wants to see oil stains in the driveway. Leaves, rain, and snow can ruin a driveway and over time it can become discolored. Getting the driveway power washed in Michigan can make it look good. If you need the driveway dinged up a little bit you might also want to reseal the driveway. (Driveway cracks suck)
  1. Exterior lighting is something most homeowners don’t focus on but if they are well placed or planted it can make a house look nice and have a sense of security for the house. Safety can be important for home buyers. If you don’t want to replace the exterior lighting you have to make sure you clean them and make sure they are in working condition with new light bulbs.
  1. Roofing repairs can also be a must no one wants to buy a house with roof leaks or roof issues down the road. The condition of your roof can be a deal breaker. If you have any loose shingles on your home you may want to have a local Michigan roofer come out and repair them before you schedule a home inspection. Roof repairs from a professional roofer in Michigan can be around $750.
  1. Think about upgrading your mailbox as it’s the first thing that you see usually when you drive up to a house you don’t want a mailbox that’s just supported by sandbags. You don’t want to have the mailbox that looks like it’s been through the wringer or been hit by too many baseball bats. Mailbox replacement can be an easy one-day project and you can get a decent mailbox for about $30 online.
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When doing house upgrades

When doing curb appeal upgrades to your house just remember to not go overboard keep it simple if you’re trying to sell. Don’t attempt the project if the ROI isn’t there if you’re not going to be able to add it to the asking price don’t focus on it. Don’t make any bold changes to the house and if you live with an HOA community confirm the upgrades before getting started.

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