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Three Great Ways You Can Prep A Seniors Home for the Summer

If your looking for home repairs in the Detroit Michigan area for your seniors? We would be glad to help. Reach out to your local handy man contractor in the Detroit area. 313-513-1185.

Memorial day is right around the corner and that’s the start of the summer season. Sunnier days means more time outside with activities. This also can mean a great opportunity for seniors to take inventory of home repairs that need to happen or renovations for their home.

There are multiple ways that a senior can upgrade their home or prepare their home for the summer season this can also improve their lifestyle and you don’t need to break the bank to do so. We have three opportunities that you might want to pursue add this summer season is right around the corner.

seniors home repair detroit

Look at installing medical alert security for seniors

You should look into medical alerts summertime means more time outside, taking walks and enjoying the sun. Most seniors can benefit from the security medical alerts system can provide inside their home.

There are wearable alerts that can notify the family of any worries. You can also reach out to contacts if you’re not feeling well to get the help that you need by the push of a button. You don’t have to be on the property to use the medical alerts. They are able to notify family via GPS so that means that you can go anywhere take trips and have your independence as a senior and call when you need help.

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The medical alert system can be in price from $20-$40 this is not including the installation or equipment cost. 

Is it beneficial for seniors to have a home warranty in place?

Home appliances can break and fall apart and need repairs periodically a home warranty can help protect your family from breakdowns of costly repairs and appliance work. You’re home warranty can cover most of the following: 

Air-conditioning repair in the Detroit area can get costly fast for a home warranty, can reduce the cost of repairs when needed for your air conditioner. Plus with the home warranty you’ll get an expert locally in your area that’s available to help no more need to go to Facebook to ask for recommendations or ask relative or even read reviews for home warranty work. Prices for home warranties and Detroit will vary on the type of coverage you’ll need.

Protect your home from unwanted pests in Detroit 

When it’s warmer outside It may feel great to be outside, but don’t forget that you’re also at more of a risk of inviting unwanted guests onto your property. Such as pests or rodents. A pest control service in the Detroit area can help you get the problem under control fast. Pest control professionals and Detroit can help protect your house from property damage by said roaches, rodents, even termites. Most importantly, it will protect your health to have your pest control issues under control in Detroit. Protecting your family from unwanted pests is the number one thing to worry about.

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Pass such as termites or roaches can cause asthma that can be very unpleasant for anybody in your household. Cockroach feces, and other body parts from a cockroach can trigger allergies in your home.

Just like a home warranty, pest control service can vary on price in Detroit. For a home that is about 1500 ft.² you can pay around $300-$550 for a single visit or treatment. While quarterly pest control visit and Detroit can range from $100 to $300. 

If you want to see what it would cost you to get pest control service in your area reach out to a local pest control contractor in your neighborhood of Detroit today.

Getting a local contractor in Detroit today

We also want to mention that summertime is it a great time to do some deep cleaning of your home in Michigan and make overdue repairs happen. do you want to get a medical security system put in your home if you’re a senior. Also, have the protection of a home warranty saw the repair cost as needed. Will not be a surprise this summer. Pest control can protect your home from unwanted pets that make it unhealthy for everybody living in your home so that you can have a stress free summer. Safeguarding your home for seniors is important because you want make sure your parents or grandparents feel safe and comfortable in their home.

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