Things You Can Do To Help Keep Your Energy Bill Down

Cranking your air conditioner right now may seem like it’s cooling down your house for the moment but when the AC bill comes you might be surprised. There is plenty to do to make sure that your AC isn’t working in condition and keep your energy bills low.

Have your HVAC checked

The first thing right off the bat is to at least have your AC unit or HVAC system checked twice a year. Once right before summer hits and in the fall. If you hear anything strange coming from your AC unit or HVAC system do not become stingy and not call out a professional it may save you money in the long run.

You should change your air filter on the hottest day of the year this could help In making your AC run more efficiently plus it’s the easiest thing that you can do. Only about 36% of homeowners actually change out the air filters. You should be changing out here air filter at least every 30 to 90 days. It helps make sure that your AC unit is working efficiently and can actually save you up to 15% on your energy bills.

Clean your AC unit

You should be cleaning your AC making sure that the fan blades are working correctly. Professional HVAC maintenance should be done yearly.

Put your thermostat on a schedule it can massively help keep the energy bills down. In some houses the ideal thermostat should be set at 78° it will help you reduce your energy costs by 6 to 8 percent.

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Check if you need to replace your windows not only will replacing your windows help with the appearance of your home meaning the curb appeal of your home but it can help reduce energy costs with the new technology of windows. If you can’t spring for new windows maybe look at solar screens or window tints. Roll-down blinds may be a good addition to your outside patio so that you’re not sitting in direct sunlight. Closing blinds or window shades during the daytime or when your AC unit fan is running may also reduce energy costs.

Look at buying fans

Look at investing in a box fan or a ceiling fan they’re cheap and they can help with moving air around your house now it’s saying that fans not going to be a crucial part of the summer heat but it may be an extra solution.

You can try to wash your clothes in cold water. Between the pool, beach, and sweatiness you may need to run more loads of laundry. To help save money it is recommended that you wash and rinse your clothes in cold water. This little trick you’re around will save you about $200 annually on your energy bills. During the summer months, you can even dry your sheets and towels outside to save from always running the dryer and making the house feel stuffy.

Final thoughts

We hope that some of these AC tips and energy-efficient tips will make you stay cool during this summer heat.

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Got AC Problems?

Get a local handyman or HVAC professional out to clean up your AC unit. It’s recommended doing twice a year. It can truly help with energy costs.

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