The Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Need help with your outdoor spring cleaning we have a few things you can examine and call a handyman out for help. Call us today at 313-513-1185.

examine your gutters for damage

Did you know that 99% of all gutters fail at some point even if they were installed correctly? That’s why it’s a crucial for you to examine your homes gutters. Double checking your gutters and making sure that there’s no leaks or loose gutters that could result in flooding. Also make sure that your downspouts are facing away from the home at least 3 inches and that there is no debris interfering with your gutters.

inspected the exterior of your chimney

Check the exterior of your chimney. The exterior of your chimney should always be checked for potential damages. Your chimney flue should also be cleaned and checked by certified chimney sweep. You can get a chimney cleaning fairly cheap in the Detroit area. This is just a friendly reminder that there are approximately 25,000 chimney fires because of a failed chimney inspection or not even doing it at all. While your checking out the chimney it might not be a bad idea to look at your roof in Detroit either.

Check your outdoor faucets

60% of your household water use is accounted for outdoor water use. Inspecting your outdoor faucets could be beneficial to you. Check your outdoor faucets for freeze damage. make sure that you are not able to stop the flow of water with your finger. If you are it might be time to replace the pipe which a local Detroit plumber could possibly help you out with.

Handyman for Detroit
Connect with a handyman in Detroit

if you need assistance from a local Detroit handyman, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with the best certified handyman in your Detroit area. Having a check list is the best way to go about doing home repairs or projects big or small

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