snow removal near me in Michigan

Sprinkle Sand or Salt For Driveway Traction in Michigan

This is a good home maintenance tip, especially with the amount of snow that we have been receiving in various parts of the United States. Do you want to protect yourself and your family from the winter storms? 

After you snow blow the snow off your walkways and driveways make sure that you are using some sand and snow to take care of the built-up ice second form on your driveway or walkways. Or you can hire a local Michigan snow plow contractor to do it for you.

Slipping on black ice 

Black ice can be a slipping hazard and other thin layers of ice. You need to make sure that the areas around your garage door and front door are safe to walk on for visitors entering your house. 

Your driveways and walkways are common areas for slip and falls to happen It’s on thin layers of ice that can hurt people and cause they must badly damage, so it a good idea to do your due diligence to salt and sand the outside of your home. Adding salt and sand can help reduce the risk of black ice.

Taking care of the ice in Michigan 

Depending on the thickness of ice, you may need to have a different approach. With thicker ice you will need a pick to break up the icy spots then shovel it. For thinner ice you can use sand to get the traction for your vehicles you can use the salt to melt away the ice. 

snow removal in Michigan

Stay safe this winter in Michigan 

You want to stay safe and warm if you’re in an area like Michigan that gets a fair amount of snow and ice. You can also hire a snow plow service in your area of Michigan to take care of the snow on your driveway or walkways. 

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