Some Summer Jobs, You Can Tackle Now in Michigan

With the heat waves coming and going in Michigan now might be the best time to do some jobs around the house. The autumn weather isn’t too far off especially if you are going to be spending a majority of your time inside for the months to come.

Right now you should be opening up some of those windows and letting in the cool summer air.

Deep clean your home in Michigan

summer jobs

This month is the best time to deep clean your house in Michigan before your home chores get out of hand. One of the reasons we say that is because the wintry weather will be upon us and it will make it harder to clean your home.

The first thing you may want to think about cleaning is your mattress. Most homeowners don’t know this but you should be cleaning your mattress every six months or so. Between summer and autumn is best. There is a lot that will end up on your mattress over the summer from sweat to sunscreen even dirt.

It is important to remove anything that can be bacteria related on your mattress over a six-month period. You should vacuum your mattress and then use a linen spray afterward.

Window cleaning in Michigan is happening now

Cleaning your windows in Michigan is the next thing that you should check off your list. No matter if it’s from you cleaning them because of pollen or other debris or if you have dead hanging flowers now is the time to wipe down those windows of the grime that could be sticking around. Use an older toothbrush that will help lift any dirt or residue from the window sill.

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Warm soapy water should be used to clean the windows you can also use vinegar and water for the hard-to-clean spots. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to dry. We recommend soft cloth so you don’t have to deal with streaks from your hard work. Another suggestion is if you don’t want to clean the windows in direct sunlight you may end up with window streaks from the solution you use drying too quickly.

You can also have a window cleaner in Michigan come out and take care of the dirty windows if you have them and don’t have time this autumn.

Have your boiler looked at in Michigan

One of the other tasks that can be commonly overlooked is having a plumber come out and check your boiler or hot water heater as some call it. You want to make sure that it’s safely working for you.

Some home warranties will recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually in Michigan to keep the boiler under warranty. Plumbers in Michigan will look to make sure there aren’t any gas leaks and that the gas is at the appropriate level.

The service call takes about 20 minutes and you should be all set for the winter months. You want to make sure that the small issues in your home are corrected quickly with things like the boiler or the toilet plumbing, and the heat because you don’t want to have a major problem down the line. It’s best to see what needs to be replaced in your home and sometimes it’s the boiler. The bright side is a more efficient boiler will cost less to run.

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There are local handymen services all over Michigan in the Detroit area that can help make your job list easier to do. If you need help give them a call.

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