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Six Home Renovations You Can Do This Summer in Michigan

There is a lot that you can tackle in your home this summer in Michigan and we have a few ideas that might just make sense for you no matter where you live in Michigan upgrading your house can be a dream come true.

Though some of the home renovations may take time and thousands of dollars there are several affordable ways to refresh parts of your home that can add equity to your living space.

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Refreshing exterior paint

Refreshing exterior paint can be a good place to start it’s never a bad idea to touch up parts of your home and help increase the curb appeal for your home. Just a fresh coat of paint can add a little more equity to your home.

The cost for putting a new coat of paint has two things to consider the size of your home and the quality of paint you are going to use. If you think that painting your whole house is a daunting task you can have a local handyman in Detroit do it or you can just paint the front door that will spruce up curb appeal.

Upgrading outdoor fixtures

Replace your address numbers over time they can get dungy looking and may need to be replaced. You can pick up new ones at a local hardware store and they should only take about 30-40 minutes to replace. Missing numbers off your address or your address is hard to read from the road it’s time to think about replacing the numbers.

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New shutters on your windows can enhance the curb appeal. Shutters come in all types of colors so it can be overwhelming for some to know exactly what they want. You ideally want to pick a shutter color that is going to go with the base of your house color and fit well with the size of your windows. Shutters can cost up to $1,000 per window but you can get estimates from local Michigan window installers.

Installing a new thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save homeowners about $180 per year on energy costs. Why not convert to a programmable thermostat you can install them yourself via a few YouTube videos. Buying a programmable thermostat is about $50 or in some cases, your HVAC specialist in Michigan can help you get a free one with rebates. Plus the HVAC technician is going to tell you to get an energy star one.

Making your backyard enjoyable

Upgrade your backyard to make it more enjoyable for you and your family. You can get a landscaper in Oakland County or Macomb County Michigan to help with affordable backyard additions. You can look at new lighting, planters, and patio installs by a local Michigan landscaper.

Fixing up your bathroom

Bathroom upgrades can be a good way to add equity to your home from adding or replacing fixtures to faucets or showerheads now is the time to get them done. If you’re looking to replace a toilet the cost will be around $200.

A bathroom remodels in Michigan can be a large renovation such as installing a walk-in tub or new shower tile you may want to advise a Michigan handyman for bigger projects with your home. There are bathroom projects you don’t want to tackle as a homeowner and a few are caulking and grouting.

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