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September Home Maintenance Task in Detroit

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As summer days begin to wind down and the crisp, cool autumn breeze starts to fill the air, September is the perfect time to transition your home from the sunny days to the upcoming fall and winter. Take care of these essential home maintenance tasks in September these tasks not only will ensure that your home stays in top shape but also that your home will be prepared for the colder months ahead. We will be exploring the tasks you should have at the top of your list for September.

Maintain your gutters

Clean and inspect your downspouts and gutters. With autumn leaves falling it can quickly clog your gutters in Detroit if you leave them unchecked. Clean out any debris to ensure that the water coming off the roof is free flowing. Consider installing gutter guards to avoid future blockages. Have proper drainage installed to protect your homes foundation in Detroit.

Check your seals

Check and seal all doors and windows inspect your weather sptripping around windows and doors. Any gaps or cracks should be sealed to prevent drafts and save on energy. Having your home properly insulated can make a difference in your heating bills during the summer months.

Look at your HVAC

Before the winter months hit it might be a good idea to have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning serviced by a professional HVAC contractor in Detroit. Ensuring that its running efficiently and reduce the chances of a break down in the winter months will make you happy.

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Replace smoke detectors

Test your smoke detectors safety should be your top priority check and replace the batteries to make sure they are operating correctly. If your smoke detectors are more then 10 years old consider replacing them all together.

Take care of your fireplace

If you have a fireplace, have it cleaned out and inspected by a Detroit chimney sweep. Creosote build up can lead to chimney fires, so regular maintenance on your chimney is necessary for your safety. Ensure that your damper opens and closes properly and that your chimney cap is secure to keep animals and debris out.

September home maintenance tasks

September is an ideal time to address multiple outdoor tasks

  • Trimming overgrown trees and bushes to prevent winter storm damage.
  • Store and cover outdoor furniture and grilles to protect them from the weather.
  • Drain and store your garden hose and turn off your outdoor faucet to avoid freezing.

Clean out your dry vent lint build up can be a problem with dryer efficiency but not only that it can cause house fires. Disconnect the vent and get all cleaned up or have a professional dryer vent cleaning service in Detroit MI out to help.

Fix your roof

Inspect your roof check for any damaged or loose shingles. Addressing the issues now can prevent future damage and leaks from the rainy weather we may have during the fall and winter. If you need roof repair in Detroit, its essential to address them promptly.

Keep your attic well-insulated to keep your home warm and efficient. Look for any signs of water damage or leaks in the attic as they can be prone to create issues down the road.

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Clean up your yard

As autumn approaches don’t forget to take care of your lawn for the winter months. This can include fertilizing and aerating plus planting fall bulbs for the spring and raking leaves to pick up dog poop in Michigan.

Doing this September home maintenance task list can save you both time and money plus get you ready to face the challenges your home may have for fall and winter. Keep yourself safe and proactive with your home maintenance. But enjoy a worry free transition into the colder months and maintain the value of your property for years to come.

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