Monthly Must-Dos: A Homeowner’s Guide to Michigan Living


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Owning a home in Michigan comes with its own set of responsibilities, especially with the ever-changing seasons and unique climate. To keep your home in top-notch condition, here are 15 things every homeowner in the Great Lakes State should prioritize each month:

home maintenance

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Top 15 things for maintaining a home

  1. Check Your Roof and Gutters: Michigan weather can be unpredictable. Regularly inspect your roof for any damage in Michigan and ensure gutters are clear to prevent ice dams during winter.
  2. Inspect Windows and Doors: Tight seals are crucial for energy efficiency. Look for drafts, cracks, or gaps in windows and doors, and address them promptly.
  3. HVAC System Maintenance: Ensure your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently. Clean or replace filters, and schedule professional maintenance on your furnace annually.
  4. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Your family’s safety is paramount. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly to guarantee they’re in working order.
  5. Check for Water Leaks: Inspect faucets, toilets, and under sinks for any signs of water leaks. Addressing them early can prevent costly water damage. You can get toilet repair in Michigan.
  6. Clean Appliances: Regularly clean and maintain household appliances, such as the refrigerator coils, oven, and dishwasher, to extend their lifespan.
  7. Inspect the Foundation: Michigan’s freeze-thaw cycles can impact your home’s foundation. Look for cracks in your foundation or settling and consult a professional if you notice any issues.
  8. Lawn Care: Depending on the season, adjust your lawn care routine. This may include mowing, fertilizing, and addressing any pest or weed issues.
  9. Pest Control: Keep an eye out for signs of pests in your home and address them promptly. Michigan’s climate can attract various insects, so prevention is key.
  10. Clean and Organize Garage: With changing seasons, it’s easy for clutter to accumulate. Regularly clean and organize your garage to make seasonal transitions smoother.
  11. Inspect and Clean Chimney: If you have a fireplace, regular chimney maintenance in Michigan is crucial. Have it inspected and cleaned annually to ensure safe operation.
  12. Check Outdoor Lighting: Ensure exterior lights are working and replace any burnt-out bulbs. Adequate lighting enhances both safety and security around your property.
  13. Inspect and Clean Sump Pump: Especially important in Michigan, where heavy rains can lead to flooding. Test your sump pump regularly and keep it debris-free.
  14. Clean and Seal Deck/Patio: Michigan’s weather can be tough on outdoor spaces. Clean and seal your deck or patio to protect it from the elements. Concrete repair might be in order.
  15. Review Energy Usage: Keep an eye on your energy consumption. Identify areas for improvement, such as adding insulation or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances.
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Monthly Tasks to maintain a home

By incorporating these monthly tasks into your routine, you’ll not only maintain your Michigan home but also ensure it stands up to the challenges of the changing seasons. Happy homeownership!

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