Handyman Tips To Safeguard Your Aging Parents

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It’s that time of the year when you are going to celebrate Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. It’s great to send cards and flowers, but this is the time that they begin to age. It is best to preserve their independence for aging mothers and fathers. This could mean hiring a Detroit handyman for your parents specific needs.

start with home improvements on the outside of the home

Work from the outside in the spring make sure that all walkways are clear and if they have handrails on their front steps, make sure that the handrails or bars are sturdy enough. This will help and minimizing a slip and fall accident which nobody wants. You can also hire a handyman in the Detroit area, to make modifications to the staircase, or adding a ramp, or an easier access to a deck or front door landing.

Do use smart home devices

As your parents age, creating, a smart home may be beneficial for you. This being said the house doesn’t have to be completely at all smart devices, but it can make life easier with smart home functionality. Having a personal response emergency system in place can be beneficial. Having a robot vacuum can help keep the house tidy so that you don’t always have to have your parents up and vacuuming or sensors on the door to screen for prospective visitors.

Replace or repair fixtures for your parents

For most of the upgrades or fixture replacements or even replacements in the house for elderly or senior people a handyman can come in handy. Handyman services in the Detroit area. I can take care of the basics such as secure rugs and carpets, plus add no slip tape two parts of the house or even robber shelf liners. You can also have work on non-functional doors and locks even windows. Plus they can work on the worn out electrical wiring.

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A handyman can also work on lighting fixtures, replacing, or repairing them in every day use areas of the house, such as the kitchen, or even in the bathroom. 

Upgrade for senior bathroom mobility Upgrade for senior bathroom mobility

Make sure that you give attention to the bathroom. Having your toilet in certain areas of the bathroom can be hazardous to seniors. You can have a handyman mount a grab bar in the shower and by the toilet or even install a walk-in shower in Michigan for easy access in and out for seniors that want to bath. One thing that you can have installed in your bathroom is a shower bench so that it’s easier for seniors to sit and clean themselves.

senior handyman tips
keep in touch with your mom and dad daily

It’s always a deal to keep in touch on a regular basis with your parents as they age. You should try to Skype or FaceTime with them so that you can keep an eye on how they look and know if anything is out of the ordinary.

Install a home security system in the home

You can also think about installing a home security system in their Michigan house. If your parents are absent minded, having a smart home, security system can also help you keep an ion your parents, and what they do throughout the day in the house. If you live miles away and it’s always best to have a local Detroit handyman that you can reach out to to help with simple tasks even as simple assembling new furniture for the home. but you wanted to make sure that the Detroit area handyman is reliable and knowledgeable about the tasks you are asking them to do.

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