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Four Chimney Repair Signs For Detroit

Everyone knows that chimneys require regular maintenance to work safely and properly. But as a homeowner, you need to keep up with the necessary repairs. Not taking care of your chimney can cost you and not to mention be dangerous.

It’s best to have a chimney expert come and inspect your chimney for repairs or replacements. We have four tips to help you notice when your chimney needs some work. We suggest a chimney expert in the Detroit area because most people don’t know much about their chimneys and improper care can damage your house.

Look for cracks in the chimney

Cracks in the chimney are one sign that your chimney needs some repair. Cracks in the walls or chimney lining need to be fixed these cracks can be caused by a number of things such as structural damage, weather, and settling. Chimney cracks can be the cause of drafts, fires, and water damage if not repaired over time. A cracked chimney is a safety hazard and a qualified professional should inspect and repair the damage as soon as possible.

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Do you have a flue problem?

When your flue is obstructed this is a key sign that your chimney needs repair. Having this issue increases your chances of a house fire. Having a blocked flue can allow for gases to inhabit in your home this can happen when there is no proper venting for the smoke to move out of the house. Your flue should be looked at before you even think of having a fire in your fireplace.

Check your damper to make sure it’s working

The damper not working is another sign you need chimney repair work done. The damper controls the airflow into and out of your fireplace. A well-maintained damper is essential for your fireplace and energy costs. If you notice that your damper is getting stuck a lot or only in one position you need to reach out to a chimney repair professional in the Detroit area to repair the issue fast. Sometimes you just need to adjust the damper for proper function. Other times you may need to replace the damper completely if there could be harm later. Either way, you need to address the issues before they become large ones or a safety hazard for your home.

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Take care of the odor coming from the chimney

The odor your chimney may have can also be a key warning sign that chimney repair in the Detroit area is in order. Usually, the odor comes from a build-up of creosote this is from the burning of wood. Creosote can build up on the chimney walls and if you don’t clean the walls you can have a very unpleasant smell. The build-up on the walls can be dangerous because creosote is flammable. If you smell this odor call your local chimney professional in the Detroit area for an inspection.

Keep these four signs on your list to ensure that your chimney stays in top shape and is safe for use. If our chimney needs repair work don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified chimney professional as soon as possible to assess the problems and give you reliable chimney repair services. It can help keep your family and house safe and reduce repair costs.

In Need of Chimney Repair?

Is your chimney showing signs of repair work? Reach out to a local qualified chimney professional now.

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