Five Renovations That Will Help or Hurt When Selling Homes in Detroit

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It might be fun to do home renovations, but you want to make sure that they’re worth the investment. Some just aren’t. 

So we recommend before you pull out your jackhammer or painters tape you want to calculate how much this renovation is going to cost you and if it’s going to be beneficial and helping you make more when you go to sell your house.

Painting the interior of your house

Let’s start with painting painting is a great renovation option for your home, but will it pay off? It all depends. Most painting projects that homeowners are taking on right now is interior painting in the Detroit area. About 40% of homeowners actually paint the interior of the house before putting their home up for sale but we would recommend not just putting up a color that you like.

You got to be strategic about the color that you pick for your paint believe it or not charcoal gray is a common color for the kitchen so if you’re looking to sell your home and want to color for your kitchen that buyers for love look at charcoal colors of gray it will help increase what you’re probably asking for the house. 

Now, if you’re talking about the living room, paint color, you want to go with a dark gray. 

But know that some colors can hurt the value of your home. Some colors are like cement gray are going to be eyesores for potential buyers so I would just say go with neutral colors for your home if you are looking to sell after painting.

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Carpet cleaning in your home

If you really want to appeal to potential buyers you might want to consider a Carpet refresh most carpet cleaning in Detroit is less than $200 depending on the square footage of your home. You can find some professional carpet cleaners in Detroit for around $99. If you don’t want to go to the carpet cleaning route replacing your carpet and Detroit is pretty affordable right now.

Carpet cleaning as a whole well like potential buyers know that the house is clean and well-maintained. There’s also goes for carpet replacement in the Detroit area. Plus not imagine having new carpet installed and Detroit can help sell your house faster.

Landscaping your backyard

What is inside the house matters when you’re trying to sell the house for a high number but it also should be mention that it does matter what outside matters to. Having an outdoor space is some thing that buyers are looking to have possibly a clean deck, a pretty large lawn or even a patio that can sit large family. Homebuyers or not just looking at backyards like they used to they want to know how functional your yard could be. 

Landscaping is not mentioned a lot for adding value to your home but you should also clean up your yard make your grass look appeasing to home buyers or potential buyers. Even the smallest thing of picking up dog poop could go along way for a potential buyers so that the yard or grass doesn’t look like it hasn’t been taken care of. You can get dog poop pick up in certain areas of Michigan from Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Madison Heights, Washington Township, Oxford, Utica, and Harrison Township

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After you clean up your yard a little bit, even grass cutting in Michigan. Will let potential buyers know that the yard is well-maintained. You should be looking to add patio, accoutrements or pathways throughout your backyard. That would be an eye catcher to homebuyers. A fire pit or deck lighting. May also be in the mix to help sell your backyard. Backyard features do help sell your home even as small as having a sprinkler system could be a huge benefit for the future homebuyer.

Roofing repair and appliance repair

One project that a homeowner may want to forgo, is anything to do with appliance repair or Roof repair in Detroit. Appliance repair and roofing repair in Detroit is often expensive and have a little return on investment. Most homeowners don’t even think that roof replacement or cleaning of the roof in Detroit is well worth it and they also goes for appliance repairs. 

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Doing kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations is another project that a homeowner may want to hold off on. Kitchen remodels are not some thing that believe it or not the determining factor for selling a home. If you work to remodel your kitchen, you’re about looking at $.50 on the dollar of the resell of your house. Often with the cost of material and man hours the investment is just not there if you’re looking to sell your home quickly.

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