Few Chores Before Winter in Michigan

We have a few chores that Midwesterners need to do for the winter season to make it easier on them.

Look at taking care of the dog poop in Michigan

You don’t want to be that Midwesterner neighbor that has a lot of poop in your yard as the snow is melting it can be bad for the lawn and a stinky job in the spring. You should try and get it cleaned up at least bi-weekly in the winter so you don’t have a dirty unhealthy lawn in the spring. Though a lot of people in Michigan do wait for spring to do dog poop pickups.

Organize what’s in your garage for the winter

winter projects

You should take some time to re-organize your garage. Get all your winter gear out in the front so you don’t have to jump over things to get what you need for winter snow blowing or shoveling. Put your gardening tools away for the season and get your gear out for the winter season.

Checkup on the roof and siding

Check your roof and siding is a must you want to make sure that your roof and gutters are buttoned up and don’t need any fixes. If you need roof repair in the Detroit area takes care of them now. If you don’t want any pests finding warm places to stay for the winter then you may have to call for pest control services in the Detroit area. Keep your roof and gutters buttoned up.

Take a look at your windows

Inspect your windows to make sure they are good to go. Depending on how well they are sealed they can leak in the winter months and get filthy so window washing in Michigan can be a must.

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Do some carpet cleaning in Michigan?

If you have rugs in your home most Midwesterners can put them through the ringer in the winter and even carpet. Getting both rugs and carpet cleaning can be a must in Michigan. With winter coming it’s best to have a carpet cleaning professional in Michigan take care of the job.

Properly store your outdoor furniture

Make sure you store your summer patio furniture properly and make sure nothing is damaged or uncovered for the winter months most people in Michigan put their summer furniture in the backyard shed or in the basement if they have one. Don’t leave it out to get damaged.

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