Detroit Home Projects To Avoid in The Heat

There are a number of DIY projects you should try and avoid in extreme heat. But when it’s nice outside we all know that the home improvement projects in the Detroit area flow for most homeowners.

Most homeowners know that window cleaning in Michigan is not a good idea with heat if you want streak-free windows.

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Do You Have Home Projects?

If you have some home projects you don’t want to do in the heat call us today.

Avoid painting for cooler days

Painting in your home can be a nightmare on a hot day even if you have a portable AC unit or box fans it can get worse. You should just wait and put the paintbrush down.

The temperatures in your house and walls can massively affect the result of the paint job you need to avoid painting a house in hot conditions in Detroit.

This goes for painting a room indoors or refreshing the exterior paint of your house in Detroit. The heat will dry the paint too quickly and as a result, you will have a less than a pro-looking paint job.

A temperature of 86 degrees can make paint bubble if you’re not careful. So if you don’t want to have to repaint down the line we recommend that you wait to paint in Detroit on a cooler day.

Putting on wallpaper

You don’t want to be hanging wallpaper on a hot day. Truly it doesn’t matter the type of wallpaper you use either peel and stick or the classic sheet and paste wallpaper. Again wallpaper can dry to the wall too quickly making the edges of the wallpaper curl or bubble up.

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When you are applying wallpaper you could wait for a cooler day so the wallpaper dries evenly on the wall.

Building wooden furniture

One of the last things you may want to avoid doing during a hot day is putting together furniture. Wood expands in the heat and if you are working with metal pieces they can become too hot to handle. Wood flooring can be difficult to lay in Detroit because with heat the flooring can expand and buckle. If you find it necessary to build furniture on a hot day just make sure you are not doing it in direct sunlight or you staying properly hydrated.

On hot days you might want to look at less labor-intensive tasks like light work in your yard in Michigan such as gardening or weed pulling nothing too hard but you can protect your yard from the heat.

You could also take on the task of cleaning off your patio if need be or sanding down furniture you have if you want to be outside. Whatever the task is doing stay safe in the heat and take a break in the pool if you have one.

Consider a handyman in Detroit Michigan

A local handyman in the Detroit area can assist if you need help with your house projects in the heat.

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