Detroit chimney cleaning

Detroit Area Chimney Cleaning

Before you light up your fireplace this fall season in Michigan makes sure it’s safe to do so. Make sure your chimney is in the perfect condition to have a fire this winter to stay warm.

Your chimney in the Detroit area requires some upkeep throughout the year make sure your chimney is swept and cleaned. You want to have your home and chimney prepared for the cold weather you don’t want to be unprepared this winter.

Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection in Detroit

Detroit chimney cleaning service

The best thing you can do is schedule a chimney inspection or chimney sweep in the Detroit area and a fireplace cleaning. You want to keep your home and chimney well kept and inviting this season. It doesn’t hurt to get started on winterizing your home in Michigan.

Scheduling a professional chimney sweep in the Detroit area might be best if you’re busy this fall season. The plus side is that you know it will get done and correctly. You want to get the debris and soot out of your chimney and by doing this with a professional you ensure it’s done to the safety standards.

If you have a chimney you should have it inspected once a year to make sure it’s in working condition.

How often should you have your chimney cleaned?

A yearly basis chimney sweep is recommended to make sure you are safe to use it. Cleaning the chimney is smart for the winter month and you know that it’s clear of all debris. Summer and springtime is the best time of the year to get your chimney cleaned out for use in the winter months.

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After you have your chimney swept clean the fireplace so it’s ready for use. Clean the tile or stone around your fireplace or wood-burning stove. You want to get rid of all the soot and ash that has built up.

Don’t forget to clean the glass for the fireplace so you so that the flame is visible. If you have fireplace accessories you should clean those too so they are ready for use. You don’t want any dirt or soot buildup that’s going to cause blockages with your fireplace.

Fireplaces and stoves can get dirty relatively fast so cleaning them on a regular basis is going to keep the house clean and the fireplace always ready for use.

Have the proper firewood for a fire

Having wood on hand is essential for a good fire. Never burn wet wood so you want to store your wood in a dry environment when you decide to use it. Don’t use softwoods like pine as it can burn fast and create smoke. Make sure the wood longs you get rather you cut them or pre-cut make sure they fit in your fireplace or stove correctly you don’t want the wood to damage any part of your home.

Consider the best place inside your home or outside your home to store firewood. Most homeowners like to have it out of sight or even covered in certain places of their homes. So have firewood storage ideas in mind.

Fireplace cleaning and inspections in Detroit

A fireplace or stove cleaning at least once a year is highly advised if you can get two inspections in even better. You want to be on the safe side when having fireplace fires and make sure your fireplace or stove stays in working condition for years to come.

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