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Benefits of Using Newspaper To Clean Windows


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In this age of modern advance cleaning solutions and high-tech gadgets it may seem like a counterproductive thing to reach for the good old newspaper to clean your windows. Yet this classic cleaning method offers some efficiencies, sustainability, and very cost-effective that makes it a strong choice for individuals to clean their homes. We are about to discuss why the good old newspaper is a good strategy to tackle window cleaning.

  1. One great advantage for using newspaper for window cleaning is that your going to get that streak free shine. Newspapers are design to absorb ink without smudging and that can translate well into window cleaning. As well as wiping down glass surfaces with newspaper the ink will transfer to the glass leaving behind that sparkle streak free clean. Another thing we’d like to mention is the newspaper won’t leave behind lint or streaks behind like cloths or paper towel would.
  2. Newspapers are highly absorbent this can be crucial with effective window cleaning. With dust, dirt, and grime collecting on your windows over time you want to use a material that will lift and absorb these particles without spreading them around. Newspapers with being highly absorbent allows it to capture and hold on to the unwanted substance leaving your windows clean and clear.
  3. The cost-effectiveness of newspaper for a cleaning supply sells itself compare to the specialized cleaning cloths and disposal wipes. Many people have old newspapers laying around making it accessible and a free resource for any cleaning task. Plus your re-purposing the newspaper otherwise the paper may just find its way into the recycling. Your not only saving money but your reducing the amount of waste. Not to mention, people are also known to use weekly sales ads as window cleaning material.
  1. Using newspaper for window cleaning aligns with the Eco-friendly practices. Instead of relying on single use cleaning supplies choosing newspaper as your cleaning tool helps reduce your carbon footprint. Its a renewable resource and your contributing to the reduction of newspaper production when you want to use newspaper as a cleaning supply.
  1. Some cleaning materials we use can be damaging to delicate surfaces like windows, leaving unwanted scratches or marks. A newspaper is non-abrasive ensuring that your windows will not be harmed during any cleanings. This makes it suitable for any glass surfaces and coatings.
  2. Cleaning windows with newspapers are a throwback to simpler times when resourcefulness and practicality were valued. Its just the way your grandma probably cleaned her windows so you can add that old-world charm to your living space.
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Best tips for newspaper window cleaning

To make the most of using newspapers for your window cleaning, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Lightly dampen the newspaper with water or a homemade vinegar-water solution. This will help enhance the cleaning abilities minus the mess.
  2. Wiping glass in a circular motion or a crisscross motion. This ensures that you will be able to break down dirt and lift away the grime
  3. Change out your newspaper as it becomes saturated it will slowly become less effective for cleaning. Replace it with a fresh piece and you should be fine.
  4. After you use a wet newspaper for cleaning, use a dry one for buffering the glass for the streak free clean.

Newspaper window cleaning can be the best

Modern cleaning solutions may promise convenience and effective cleans but a newspaper offers all the above and is one of the cheapest routes for a streak free clean window. So next time you notice your windows need a deep clean consider reaching for the beloved newspaper and let it do the hard work. Window cleaning can take some time so if your busy reach out to a local window cleaner near you in Michigan.

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