A Simple Salt Trick May Help To Keep Your Chimney Clean

A few home features as a cozy and charming wood fire, burning fireplace. As beautiful as they are, a fireplace can be a mess to deal with. Your fireplace produces soot and ash or debris that can be hard to deal with. Not to mention the allergies and respiratory issues are another thing to deal with you.

Chimney cleaning in Detroit

Use a household item to help with fireplace fire cleanups

You can use a fire screen  to deal with some of the issues of your fireplace and messes using a vacuum may help. Plus I’m using the right firewood or burning material can help too. Keeping up and fireplace maintenance. But did you know if you use salt it can help you. It helps with a cleaner more neat burn for your fireplace.

Using salt to put out fireplace fire is a great idea for multiple reasons. Salt is recommended even for kitchen grease fires as it smothers the small flames. Salt is known to kill the oxygen of fire.

How much salt should you use on a fire?

Though you will need enough salt to cover the whole fire to put it out. Put a barge amount of salt into a bowl and douse the fire in one shot. Do not cry and salt on a fire just douse it because it will reduce the soot and you’ll have a cleaner chimney. 

Using the salt on a house, fireplace fire will actually make it easier to clean up the ash. Anyone that cleans up around the fireplace knows how difficult it is to sweep up the ash you could be dealing with flying ash all over the place. What salt goes to the ash is it clumps it up making the ass easier and more convenient to sweep up.

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You can always use baking soda as an alternative

If you are in a pinch and you don’t have salt on hand, you could also look up using baking soda the results are known to be similar to salt. Though when you doused the fire with baking soda, do you want to make sure that the fire is at least 518°F so you want the flames to be at least that hot. When heated baking soda releases carbon dioxide and ultimately will smother the fire.

Do you need chimney cleaning?

If you need your chimney cleaned, we have chimney cleaning contractors in Detroit Michigan and Imlay City that are available to help you out. Remember you should be cleaning your chimney once a year.