10 Essential Summers Cleaning Chores You Can’t Ignore

Summer is prone to bringing more messages and dirt into your house making it essential not to ignore these cleaning tasks that we’re about to share throughout the summer. 

Keep your kitchen clean

More germs appear in the kitchen in the summer so it is ideal to clean your sinks, drains, appliances, and surfaces on a regular basis.

Your appliances can Harbor summer mildew you can clean most appliances with vinegar and baking soda.

cleaning for the summer in your home

Wash your bedding and towels

Most people sweat more in the summer so washing your sheets and bedding, or even towels is best. It is best to let these air dry.

You should be washing your clothing more often during the summer months, and making sure that your clothes are dry before putting them away.

Wash your walls

Washing your walls are not a bad idea either because they are prone to mold in the summer. It is best to wash them on a regular basis with hot water and vinegar.

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Maintaining your air conditioning.

Your air conditioning works harder in the summer. Making sure that you’re changing out the filters. Every 90 days will help with the air quality within your home. You will also want to clean your vents on a regular basis for optimal efficiency with your air conditioning.

Cleaning outdoor areas

cleaning your grill depending on how often you use it for outdoor dinners, but making sure that you are keeping up on the maintenance so that your grill and outdoor furniture don’t have buildup of food that can attract ants. It can be a pain in the neck to have to deal with ants because then that means that you have to call a pest control company in Michigan to take care of the issue.

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If you host a ton of summer parties, cleaning your bathroom such as your toilets or shower curtains, you can even had in your shower heads more often.

How sweat can impact your life

Sweat can even affect your shoes, so rotating your shoes on a regular basis and keeping them clean can be very beneficial for your overall hygiene and health plus having fresh clean clothing and shoes will make your day better.

Taking care of outdoor debris and water

Outdoor debris and water can attract insects and that’s something that you do not want in your yard so manage these things to keep the bugs away.

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