How Much Does It Cost to Cut Down a Tree in Michigan?

Cutting down a tree is a dangerous job. That is why it’s better left to the professionals the cost can vary depending on several factors. But we can tell you the average cost of tree removal in Michigan.

As a homeowner you may be able to tackle lawn maintenance and small landscaping projects around the house like pet waste removal but tree removal of any size is that an easy task. A professional tree service near you can cut down the tree and remove it for you. The price for tree removal can be $100 to thousands of dollars.

Most common factors for tree removal cost in Michigan

Some trees can just be a challenge to remove but there are factors such as location, size of the tree, type of tree, and how accessible the tree is, that can play a factor and the total cost of removal. If you are currently thinking of removing a tree, here are some major things to keep in mind that may reflect in the cost of the removal. 

  • Location
  • Type of tree
  • The condition of the tree
  • Urgency
  • How accessible the tree is for removal

The typical price of tree removal can range from $200-$2000 per tree. Most commonly you will find a tree removal near you for around $750. If you need multiple trees removed, you are looking at a price of $500 to six grand per acre depending on the density of the woodland.

The larger the tree is the more it’s going to cost to have it removed in Michigan this is because the necessary of equipment is used and the debris and cleanup involved. Tree removal can also be costly because of insurance premiums that tree companies have to pay. 

But let us mention that these are not the only factors that will determine the total price of tree removal in your area of Michigan. 

Tree removal prices can depend on where you you

Tree removal prices can also depend on where you live. The cost of tree removal rule areas can be a lot cheaper because there’s more area to work but also look out for the travel charge in Michigan for more remote locations. If you live in a area that has a high cost of living, you can see that tree removal pricing can go up for removing trees on your property

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Larger trees are more expensive to remove than smaller ones because they can often require more specialized equipment for the tree removal. Small trees 30 feet usually cost couple hundred bucks to remove. If you are looking at removing a tree that is above 80 feet, you’re looking at maybe a couple grand to have it removed in Michigan.

Trees with thicker trunks can also be a bit costly to remove. The thinner the tree trunk is the easier it is to remove think about it as the tree trunk of a palm tree. A wide tree trunk can be difficult to remove. 

Need a Tree Removed?

If you need a tree removed off your property we can assist with certified tree removal specialists in your area. Connect with one right now.

What are the type of trees that we can remove?

Some tree types are more difficult to remove properties in Michigan than others this is because of root systems, the height, and width of the tree these factors can all bump up the price of tree removal. We currently have some of the most common trees to be removed and their cost. 

  • Cedar and pine $250-$1,500
  • Palm trees $650 -$1,500
  • Japanese Knotweed $2,000 plus
  • Oak $200-$2,000
  • Maple $250-$2,000
  • Ash trees $250-$1,800
What’s the condition of the trees on the property?

Depending on if the tree is a 50% poor condition you should probably consider getting it removed. And unhealthy tree can create on safe hazards to your property. One bad storm either that being a snowstorm or a thunderstorm can bring major damage to your home or your neighbors property.

Because unhealthy trees are more brittle they can be cheaper and easier to remove than healthy ones. It’s just the luck of the draw, though because unhealthy trees can often have problems that you will need specialized equipment to have them removed off your property. In this case, you will want to talk to a tree removal specialist in your area to find out about your trees health and get an accurate estimate for removal.

tree removal in Michigan
Urgency of tree removal

Tree removal also depends on your urgency. If you have a tree that is close to your house, you could run the risk of having a tree fall on your roof creating damage to your roof after a storm. You will want to have the tree cleaned up and removed as soon as possible. In some cases people need to have emergency tree removal in Michigan. Although it does cost more at this point, it would be all about keeping the properties around you safe.

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Is tree removal covered by your home insurance?

Homeowner insurance may cover a portion of the tree removal. You may want to call and find out what your home insurance policy covers with tree damage and tree removal before you hire out a local tree removal specialist in Michigan.

Depending on where your trees that you want removed is near say such as a fence or neighbors, property line, your roof, or even powerlines. This can enhance the complexity of the tree removal process and bump up the price total for the tree removal. If the tree removal professionals cannot reach the tree or it’s unsafe to properly remove you are looking at most likely a 25% to 50% price increase for the work that has to be done.

tree removal service in Michigan

If the tree is dead or declining and cannot be reached accessible, there might be an aerial type removal that needs to take place You can expect a higher price for the tree removal.

If you want stump removal

Most homeowners do not want tree stumps left behind. But it may not be part of your original estimate. The average for tree stump removal is around $350. Stump grinding, is most common way to take care of stumps that are unwanted, which is the process of using a machine to take the stump out instead of digging the stump out. You basically grind the stump down when you are looking for stump grinding the most common price is about $100 to $400.

When you cut down a tree, you are also possibly leaving behind debris such as tree bark and leaves you can have the tree removal company throw the debris into a wood chipper but you’re looking at a price of $75-$125 an hour.

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When you should consider tree removal in Michigan

When a tree is sick, that is when you want to consider tree removal or if the tree is decaying. Just know that not all signs of tree, sickness are noticeable. Most tree removal jobs on properties are unsafe for homeowners. You should have somebody come out to your home that is trained to work with unhealthy trees.

tree removal specialist
DIY tree removal is not a good idea in Michigan

DIY tree removal in Michigan is a bad idea. Most tree injuries when it comes to remove all happened because the improper training of using tree removal equipment. Tree removal should be left to a train a arborist, or a tree professional. Not only are they trained to work with and cut down certain trees, but they have the right insurance to do so. Even the best tree removal services in Michigan have accidents when it comes tree removal.

How to find a professional tree removal company in Michigan

When you were looking for a tree removal service in Michigan you want to go with professionals that carry the right insurance and has reputable qualifications. Do you want to work with an ISA certified tree professional in Michigan what that does is ensures that the tree professional has the highest level of certification for tree care in Michigan. You can find tree removal services all over areas like Oakland County Michigan or Macomb County MI.

Do you want to make sure that your tree removal specialist is in good standing with the BBB? You ultimately want to do the proper research online asked for recommendations from people that you know. Getting multiple assonance it’s not a bad idea. Ask questions about the process that they have implemented for tree removal get a scope of what is included in the price of the tree removal. 

tree cutting in Michigan

Read as many reviews as you can I mine for your local tree removal service in your area make sure that they have good reviews. Some of the most common areas for tree removal in Michigan is in the Detroit area so don’t be shy looking for a tree removal service near you in Detroit.

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