How Does Tree Removal Affect Your Homes Value in Michigan?

Undoubtedly trees enhance the charm of your environment. Many homeowners in Michigan prefer to have trees on their property because they offer benefits one can be privacy for your neighbor.

Should you remove a tree in Michigan?

But don’t get us wrong. There are times that you’re going to look at your property and say some of the trees need to be removed for the aesthetics or the property value. You should look around your yard and see if any trees need to be cut down.

We are here to help you figure out, if removing a tree helps the value of your home, or just all-around decreases the value. 

How people look at your landscaping if you don’t take care of your trees

As most homeowners in Michigan have spent the majority of their money on the interior of their home, looking at your yard, and seeing that part of your yard needs your attention to can be beneficial. Depending on how people perceive your house, poor landscaping can devalue your home at least 10%to 30% but it’s all in the eye of the beholder. 

Your home is landscaping gives a good first impression of the house from the outside. Dust if you need tree trimming in the Detroit area, you should seek a professional.

Brown grass and dead trees is a sign of a neglected lawn. If you have pets, it can be understandable at times but there are ways to take care of your lawn, such as mowing and having pet waste removal services in Oakland County or Macomb County so your grass does not become brown or have a landscaping company in Michigan maintain your tree is some homeowners even reach out to local professional tree services for quarterly tree maintenance. If the outside of your home is taken care of poorly you can give off the vibe that your home in general is is poorly maintained.

Trees that are in poor condition can also influence homebuyer decisions and can also decrease the offer if your home is up for sale in Michigan it can be a contributing factor of wire home might not sell as fast. If you are looking to sell your home, you should make sure that your landscaping is taken care of even call out a local tree trimmer to take care of large trees.

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Keep your trees healthy in Michigan

Trees can either be healthy or disease, and to be honest with you some trees need to be removed by law we have some ways that trees can be devaluing your home.

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Trees that are around your home can add value to your house, but only if they are healthy trees. A tree that is planted by your house that is potentially dying or the king can be dangerous to your home. The last thing that you want to have is loose limbs or weaken limbs fall on the roof of your home and cause damage to your roof that will have to involve thousands of dollars in roof repairs in Michigan. If your trees are not taken care of, they can become liabilities for your property and worst of all injury someone. 

Find a tree trimming service near you in Michigan

That is why we encourage you if you have issues with trees to reach out to your local Detroit area tree trimming service. It is also important to keep an ion trees to make sure that they are not dying or decaying on your property and if so, properly seek professional tree care service in Michigan. We have some factors that you can use to possibly help if you have any dying or decaying trees.

  • The bark of the tree is falling off or easy to pull off
  • Do you have dead stubs your branches
  • You have extreme wood damage
  • Vertical cracks in the tree trunk
  • The tree has open cavities or wounds

If you have dealt with any storms in the recent months or in the year, you also want to have your trees, inspected by local tree service in your area of Michigan.

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You might need to have your tree removed if it’s become too big for the certain area, blocking window views of your home or sunlight let’s say you have a garden or some sort of area that needs sunlight. You might want to look into getting your trees, trimmed or the tree removed or even the tree moved within your property. Remember that you can only take care of the trees that are on your property you cannot call unless you have permission to ask to remove a neighbors tree.

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When is tree trimming or removal necessary in Michigan

Tree, trimming or tree removal might be necessary for your property if the leaves or branches are becoming too thick for the sunlight to come into your house or block the view of your neighbors house, or just becoming an eyesore for the property all together. 

One other thing that we would like to mention if you have other plants or trees on the property that let’s say a larger tree could be hindering it might be time to see what your options are for tree, trimming or tree removal or talk to a licensed tree specialist to see what your options are if you have any other plants that are hindered by outgrowing trees.

How close should a tree be to your house?

If you have a tree that is planted, too close to the house, can ultimately devalue your home because potential damage can happen to the house, possibly branches coming in through windows or tree branches, scraping up the siding of your home or leaves getting into your gutters and creating water damage. There’s a number of things that can happen in threes outgrow for the area that they were planted. You don’t want anything structurally happening to your home with overgrown trees or dying trees that can also create problems for your homes foundation in Michigan.

Trees that are large, have big roots. This can also become a factor if you see any kind of plumbing issues roots like to grow within pipes that are laid under ground that can eventually become an issue. If not taken care of properly tree roots is one of the reasons that plumbers are called out to tear up property for plumbing issues.

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A good rule of thumb if you are looking to plant trees now or in the near future or looking at a home to buy that has a lot of trees. Do you want to find out how far the tree is from the house usually you want your trees to be at least 20 feet away from your house in Michigan. 

Are your trees getting out of hand?

If you need help removing trees or trimming trees in the Detroit area we have the proper tools and experience to make it easy.

Trying to sell your house with dying trees in Michigan

Selling your house as a homeowner means doing what you need to do so that means removing trees if they are hindering the selling of your home.

Trees are nice to have on your property, but they also can decrease the value of your property if you do not take care of them when needed. If the tree shows signs of decay, you need to bring in a professional tree specialist to let you know what your options are regarding removing or trimming the branches for new growth if you wait too long, the tree can become a potential damage to your home and that would not be good for anyone involved. .

Know your tree ordinance for tree maintenance

Some areas depending on where you live, they have a tree ordinance that you have to maintain trees in certain areas or you can only make them so tall or they need to be trimmed on a quarterly basis a monthly basis. As a homeowner trees look nice when you’re just planting them and moving into a house, but keep in mind that overtime trees can become a liability for the property if not taken care of well.

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