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Tips To Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

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keeping your roof in good shape means from time to time doing roof maintenance. As a homeowner constant inspection of your roof will be in order. It’s a lot easier than you think to keep your roof in good shape in Michigan. You can also get a roofing repair quote in Detroit MI below.

Are you thinking twice about your roof?

Just like most homeowners you’ve probably never thought twice about doing small little inspection checks of your roof.

Clear out your gutters for a better roof

But cleaning out your gutters can actually help keep your roof in good shape. Clearing your gutters of large debris can extend the life of your roof. Clogged gutters can stop water from exiting the roof properly this in return makes the water collect on the roof edge and can cause damage over time. This can also create ice dams on your roof. That being said this can create or turn into a roof leak that will need roof repair. Keeping gutters clear will allow the water to properly drain off of your roof and away from your house.

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Trim back tree branches to protect your roof

Trim back the branches on your trees on your property. If you have vegetation around your home, long branches around your roof. They should be trimmed back far away from the roof. Tree branches that come in contact with your roof can cause damage to your roof. Plus if you have a heavy storm or heavy rain tree branches can fall on your roof creating damage to the roof therefore, also roof leaks. Even if the branches from the trees around your house, do not break off the branches can dislodge shingles on your roof and overtime that can create roof leaks, and other major roof repairs in the Detroit area

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Clean off the debris on your roof

One huge problem that you may run into during the fall is the collection of leaves and other debris that end up on your roof. Overtime the debris can collect moisture, which if sitting at your roof too long can ruin your roof and you may be having to call a local roofer in the Detroit area come out and do small roof leak repair. Plus sitting debris on your roof can discolor or fade the roof. Keep your roof clear of debris to avoid roof problems.

Things to know about your roof

when it comes to your roof, there are a few things that you need to know just because for most homeowners it in Michigan. The roof problems are out of sight out of mind until you start noticing issues so here are some things that you want to know about your roof.

  • Know about your warranty most warranties for roofs are about 10 to 50 years. So I know when you had your roof replaced or installed.
  • Inspect your roof after a storm for wind damage, or water damage. You want to take care of roof leaks when they are small so it is beneficial to take a walk around your home. look for missing shingles and contact local roofer in Detroit when needed.
  • Get the proper ventilation for your roof. Do you want to make sure that your roof ventilation does not have bird nest or any other obstructions blocking airflow.

With being a homeowner getting a full roof inspection is going to be beneficial. Especially if you’re suspicious of any kind of roof damage water damage or any other problems. Getting a full roof inspection in the Detroit area can help your roof back to normal. During a full roof inspection in Detroit by a licensed roofer you can rest easy knowing that the problems with your roof are being addressed properly. 

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If you need a roof inspection in the Detroit area, get a hold of us so we can fix your roof today.

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