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Should You Shovel Your Roof After a Michigan Snowfall?

Living in Michigan, we’re no strangers to heavy snowfall, transforming our surroundings into a winter wonderland. As the snow blankets our homes, an important question arises – should you shovel your roof after it snows?

While the picturesque scenes may be enchanting, the weight of accumulated snow can pose potential risks to your home. Michigan’s winters can be intense, and understanding the impact of snow on your roof is crucial.

shovel your roof

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The Weighty Issue:

Michigan’s snow is famously fluffy, but it adds up quickly. Each cubic foot of snow can weigh between 7 to 20 pounds, depending on its moisture content. Multiply that by the square footage of your roof, and you might be dealing with tons of additional weight.

Excessive snow accumulation can lead to structural stress, especially for older or poorly insulated homes. This stress can result in sagging roofs, compromised structural integrity, and even potential collapses in extreme cases.

Signs It’s Time to Shovel:

  1. Roof Slope: If your roof has a steep pitch, the snow is more likely to slide off naturally. However, flatter roofs are at a higher risk of snow buildup.
  2. Roof Material: Different roofing materials have varying snow load capacities. Check your roof’s documentation or consult a professional to understand its limits.
  3. Local Regulations: Some localities in Michigan have regulations regarding snow removal from roofs, especially in commercial areas. Be aware of any guidelines in your community.

The Right Way to Shovel:

If you decide it’s time to clear your roof, it’s essential to do it safely:

  1. Use the Right Tools: Invest in a roof rake designed for snow removal. Avoid using metal tools, as they can damage your roof.
  2. Work from the Ground: Whenever possible, remove snow from the ground using a long-handled rake. Climbing onto the roof poses safety risks.
  3. Leave an Inch: Don’t scrape your roof down to the shingles. Leave about an inch of snow to avoid damaging the roofing material.
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When to Call in the Pros:

If the snow accumulation is significant or if you’re uncomfortable handling the task, it’s wise to call in professionals. Roofing companies in Michigan have the expertise and equipment to safely remove snow without causing damage.

In conclusion, the decision to shovel your roof in Michigan depends on various factors. Assess the snow load, your roof’s characteristics, and local regulations. When in doubt, consult with professionals to ensure your winter wonderland doesn’t turn into a structural nightmare.

Remember, a little maintenance can go a long way in preserving the beauty and integrity of your home in the Great Lakes State. Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy the snowy season responsibly.

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