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If you have recently been noticing that with the rain or snow that it’s wet inside your house, the culprit might be your roof. If that’s the case, there is time to call a professional roofer in the Detroit Michigan area to repair those roof leaks

Got Roof Leaks?

Need help with roof leaks in Detroit? Reach out to a PRO roofer in the area for inspections to help prevent roof damages.

No matter how small the roof leak is letting any water into your house. It’s a bad idea. Letting water coming to your house, can eventually turn into an issue with mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can penetrate your homes structure even even your HVAC system. Once mold, spores get into your HVAC systems they can be distributed through your air vents. Which are bad for your health if you have allergies or asthma.  If this happen you may want to have your HVAC system inspected by a local HVAC professional.

Water, dripping from your ceilings is no laughing matter. Small leaks from the roof can make puddles. But larger roof leaks, can damage carpet, hardwood floor, and appliances. In a nutshell anything the water hits a can destroy it.

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Roof leaks can damage your homes, framing, rafters, walls, and ceiling. Water damage from roof leaks can even contribute to wood rot or the decaying of your home.

Detroit roof leak repair

Don’t let your roof leak linger

Letting your roof leaks linger longer than a homeowner wants can end it and costly roof repairs, putting out a new roof, or even your home collapsing.

The key to avoid a major damage with roof leaks is to catch them before they grow to become big. A professional plumber in the Detroit Michigan area should be hired to do annual roof inspections.

What homeowners can do for a roof leak inspection?

Homeowners can look and do a roof inspection themselves. Also, here are some tips to do so.

  • If you have any brown discoloration in your attic or on your ceiling? This could be a sign that you have a roof leak. Though the brown spots if they go the length of your ceiling, Joists your roof leak may have started somewhere else within your attic.
  • After a heavy rain you may notice water spots on the exterior walls of your home. Your home is flashing may need repair or even your siding. 
  • Skylights are notorious for roof leaks. Look for water stains of the header of the skylight. If you see any stains, this could be from faulty flashing that is allowing water to seep. Between the window frame and roof structure. 
  • If you have unexplained, puddles, or dripping from your ceiling this is a sign that you have a leak within your home somewhere. The week may not be from your roof but it’s worth having a professional come out and inspect your home.
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Tree maintenance can help prevent roof leaks

Roof leaks can happen from trees and their branches. Trees that are not cut back from the roof or your house can scrape the roof and dislodge shingles. That is why it imperative to have tree maintenance in Michigan or tree removal in the Detroit area.

Not to mention trees do let go of twigs, leaves, pinecones, and other debris that can cause your gutters to clog, which will eventually be the culprit of built-up water that sits on your roof and cause damage. Each year you should take time to clear the debris and trim your branches of the trees or have a professional tree Maintenance company in Michigan come out.

Pest can be a problem for roof leaks in Michigan

Pests can also be a problem for roof leaks there are birds that like to pack at shingles, making holes in destroying the shingles on your roof. Birds are also known to create nest and gutters which create overflowing water where there shouldn’t be. 

Wasps and bees, like to use the corners of your roof to create bees nest which they can get behind the flashing and shingles and this doesn’t allow for the shingle to lay right and cause damage. 

Rodents can cause, roof leaks and damage because they can chew through just about anything such as wooden framing, roof vents, and shingles. 

Not having the right amount of insulation

Having an inadequate amount of insulation can cause roof leaks. Without the right amount of insulation, your roof can have the ability to hold snow, which will turn in the moisture which will get into your attic and causing water to leak through your ceilings. You also want to make sure that your roof is properly invented because overtime the moisture can weaken the structure and lead to roof leaks.

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Annual roof inspections in Michigan

There are a number of places that I have a roof can spring leaks. That is why we encourage annual roof inspections. Especially if the roof is improperly installed. Or is your roof is showing its age. Overtime your flashing can become cracked or warped or worse even shingles can go missing or fall off your roof. Though most homeowners can do a visual inspection of the roof it is highly recommended and that you have a professional come out and do a close-up inspection just to make sure everything is as it should be to help prevent roof repairs.

Most roofers after they do an inspection in Detroit, they will advise roof maintenance steps. These steps are mostly to help keep your roof clean and clear and your gutters clean. But some roofing professionals in Detroit. Will discuss if your roof needs to be replaced which most homeowners don’t like to hear. The roofing professional will discuss alternative cost effective roof repair if necessary.

Not to mention you may want to look at Chimney cleaning in Detroit or even repair as some roof leaks in Michigan happen around your chimney.

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