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A Few Signs That You May Have A Leaking Roof in the Detroit Area

A leaking roof concussion much more than money to repair the damages. A leaking roof can cause mold damage to the structure of your home in Detroit. It can also cause housefires in your attic and also destroy your installation.

If you smell mold or have water stains on your walls it may be caused by a leaky roof on your Detroit home.

Looking For Roof Repair?

Want to have your roof looked at in the Detroit area or even replaced? Get reliable quotes from local roofers in Detroit.

If you have puddles or ceiling leaks you may have roof problems

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One way to see if you have a leaky roof is if you have puddles with a brown outline on your ceiling. You could also have a leaky roof if you have stains on other areas of your ceiling, vents, and chimney. Getting your chimney inspected could help you spot a leaky roof problem in Detroit.

Drippy ceilings

You could also have a leaky roof by having drips. If you have leaks or drips in your walls they need to be investigated. If you have moisture problems within your home you could be dealing with severe water damage.

You can spot water leaks on the exterior of your home. If you have water leaks on your roof line you could be having an issue with your flashing.

Signs of mold on your shingles

Mold or Moss can be an issue with your downspouts and gutters. You should be getting your gutters cleaned at least once a year in the Detroit area. Gutters are important to your roof because it allows the water to escape your roof and go down to the ground away from your house. You should have your gutters inspected and installed correctly. If you have frozen gutters frequently you may want to look at getting gutter guards or gutter heating. A gutter specialist in the Detroit area I can help you identify what will be the best gutter-wise for your home.

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If you have mold on your shingles you need to investigate potential problems and have a roofing contractor in the Detroit area come out for a roofing inspection. Plus you do not want the mold or leak issues to come into your attic because it could cause major health issues for you and your family.

Peeling paint can mean roof leaks

Peeling paint can be a warning sign for a leaking roof because you do not have the proper venting installed in your attic. This is in return for all about moisture building up on your roof line. So if you have any peeling paint you may have a water leak that is creating havoc.

How long before you should have your roof replaced in the Detroit area

If your roof is more than 20 or 30 years old you may need to get it replaced another sign of showing moisture or roof leaks is curling or buckling shingles. You should talk to a professional roofing contractor in the Detroit area for a professional opinion on if you need to replace the roof they should know what would be best buy their professional opinion at looking at your roof.

Noticing missing shingles

If you have missing shingles it could be an important sign that you have a roof leak. Plus if you have any missing shingles this may also be a sign that you might have animals in your attic. Missing shingle also means that you have no sealant keeping the water out of your attic and this problem should be attended to immediately because you do not want any water damage to happen in your attic.

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Having black stains on your roof

Having black stains on your roof shingles means that you have algae growing. If you have algae growing on your roof this isn’t a sign that you have a leak but it’s not the best sign and doesn’t mean that you won’t have roof problems down the road you should always have your roof inspected yearly in the Detroit area. Plus black stains on your roof don’t help your neighborhood curb appeal.

Looking For Roof Repair?

If your roof leaks currently it’s best to get a roof inspection to make sure you don’t have any structural damage down the road to your home.

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