Why You Need To Take Care of Your Drains in Michigan

If you try and prevent drain clogs your plumbing system will last longer. If you know how to unclog a drain you might be able to avoid that pricey service call from a local plumber in Michigan. Drain clogs are a common issue with home plumbing, especially during the summer months when people are taking more showers.

Cleaning out your tub and sink drains

Hair in your drain can be a large problem but it’s not the only one either. Cleaning out your drains every 90 days yourself with help avoid the major issues of calling a plumber with a major drain clog.

To help prevent drain clogs watch what you put down them. Food, coffee grounds, and grease should never be going down your drains. Instead, you should be using a trash can. With the grease, you should be putting it in a container and letting it cool down, and then throwing it away.

You don’t want any soapy residues going down your bathtub or bathroom sink drain. Cover both drains with a mesh cover if you have one. Or you can use a drain hair catcher.

What to avoid with plumbing issues

Another option you may want to consider is brushing out your hair before you jump in the shower or bath. Most drain clogs are caused by organic debris such as food oil or hair. Don’t try and flush thick items as it can be an issue the only thing that goes down the drain should be toilet paper.

If your toilet is still stuck after you use a plunger your next step is to use a drain snake. A drain snake is going to have the power to push the hair and other items in the drain down to the sewer. You can also have a plumber in Michigan do something called hydro jetting your drains.

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Drain cleaning is a must in Michigan

Drain cleaning is a must and at times might be best to call a local plumber out in Michigan. You want to use a bucket of hot water down the basin and let it drain.

You should never flush any personal care items down the toilet. After a while, the dental strings and pads can cause a clog that will build up over time. Also, there should be no rubbish on the toilet.

Drains are the ecosystem of your home plumbing and if you keep them in good condition you will probably avoid the daunting phone call you can have to a local plumber.

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