How To Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a reliable fixture for your sink that you can find in your kitchen it’s the most durable thing in your kitchen but over time they do wear out.

Replacing your garbage disposal

Replacing your failing garbage disposal can help reduce the chances of having plumbing leaks or debris in your sink or on your floor.

If you are hearing any grinding noises from your garbage disposal or have had it for 10 plus years it might be time to say goodbye to it the machine is going to say I’m done pretty soon.

Properly clean your garbage disposal

Depending on how much you use the garbage disposal and if you do yearly clean-up or maintenance on the one in your house you can have the disposal last up to eight years.

When you think about it the blade will get worn down as you start to use the garbage disposal more and more. Sometimes if you’re looking to replace your garbage disposal the unit can be covered by your home warranty plan you have because home warranties cover appliances but you will want to see what yours covers. If your garbage disposal is well maintained it can be covered in most cases.

Really the lifespan of garbage disposal depends on how well you take care of it and clean it on a regular basis. The proper maintenance of the unit will help its self-life and you could have the garbage disposal for a decade. If you haven’t run it in a while maybe tonight take it for a spin you can clean the unit with lemons or limes, salt, and ice cubes.

To get the most out of your garbage disposal taking care of it properly is the first step. Don’t put any harmful or hard foods to break down in the garbage disposal some of the worst things to put down one is coffee grounds or olive oil.

Installing a garbage disposal

A garbage disposal installation might be the ideal DIY project for homeowners as it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Most garbage disposals can be installed without a licensed plumber in Michigan but know that if you do a poor job it can cause issues down the road.

You don’t want to have the issue or lack of knowledge for installing garbage disposal as it can lead to leaks and you don’t want that in your house. It’s okay if you need a local handyman in Michigan to install your garbage disposal you may not want to worry about the cost cause it can be covered by your home warranty.

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