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Four Must-Haves For An Easy To Clean Bathroom

No matter how airtight you keep your home germs, and dirt will somehow find their way into your pad. 

Bathrooms are the worst and collect dirt and germs. But we have a few upgrades that you may find useful for your bathroom to keep it clean.

Use little to no grout for bathroom tiles 

Who says that our bathroom needs to have tile? Dirt and grime like to cling to grout between tiles. To get rid of it for good. Try to use glass or waterproofed stone veneer there is hardly any grout needed. you won’t have to grout your whole wall.

You could also vote to use larger tile that will allow you to use narrow, grout lines is a fresh look and can have minimal upkeep.

Have no touch faucet in your bathroom

A non-touch faucet is another upgrade that you could use in your bathroom. Sensor-activated Fossetts can be appeasing in household bathrooms, not just airports. Restrooms are restaurant restrooms. One of the reasons why homeowners are looking to put them in their homes is that you’re not going to be able to spread germs if you don’t touch the faucets.

Some censored faucets, even light up and turn on when you walk up to them. This can be a good feature if you are stumbling around your bathroom in the middle of the night.

The drawback to a centered faucet is that they need to be repaired more often because they are battery-operated or need an electrical connection. But most homeowners do say that they would continue to buy touchless faucets just for the future of not having to touch to turn on the water. Censored faucets actually do not save water. They actually use more water studies have shown.

Installing a no-groove toilet

No grooved toilets you should look at getting a one-piece toilet if you hate cleaning them. Your traditional two-piece toilets have a bowl and tank that are separate. These kinds of toilets have a lot of crevices that make it hard to get them really clean.

You may want to spend a little extra to get a one-piece toilet. These toilets are molded from one piece of porcelain and the amount of scrubbing on your toilet saves time, which in itself is worthwhile.

Pressure-assisted toilets not only reduce cleaning time but essentially reduce or eliminate backups. Thank you to the jet-forced water that scrubs the entire bowl and removes everything in its path. Plus one of the other benefits is that you’re saving on the water with one of these toilets. But I think most importantly, you are right that you are eliminating clogs, therefore not having to call your local plumber in Michigan at times. 

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Upgrading your exhaust fan

They’re not always pretty, but an exhaust fan is vital to your bathroom well at least a good exhaust fan. A good exhaust fan, fights, bacteria, mold, and bad microorganisms. But that’s not all that a fight it helps protect your walls, paint, and trim. So what we’re saying is that if you spend some money on a good exhaust fan and have it installed by a pro handyman in the Detroit area you could save thousands down the road.

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It’s a low-cost upgrade even if you have an exhaust fan already take a look at the newer ones. Today’s models are much more efficient, quieter, and more powerful plus use less energy.

If you forget to turn it on before you stepped into the shower, some newer exhaust fans even turn on when there is humidity detected and shut off when the air is clear. In our book that is a win-win.

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