Can a Handyman Remodel a Bathroom in Detroit? The Definitive Guide

When it comes to home improvement projects, a few are as daunting and rewarding has remodeling your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas in the house. A well-executed bathroom remodel can not only help its functionality but increase the home’s value. But if you question if a Detroit handyman can remodel a bathroom? In this article, we will explore the capabilities of a handyman for this challenging task.

Understand the role of a Detroit handyman

Before you get involved with a handyman for a bathroom remodel, its essential to understand what a handyman can do and what he cannot do. A Detroit handyman is a versatile professional skilled in a number of small to medium home improvement projects. They are well-adverse in repairing drywall, fixing minor plumbing or electrical issues, painting, and install fixtures.

However, a Detroit handyman skill set might not encompass the full scope of a bathroom remodel, which can involve complex plumbing and electrical work, tiling, and structural alterations. With that said let’s explore what a handyman can be involved with when working on bathroom remodeling.

Detroit bathroom remodel

What a handyman can do within a bathroom remodel

  • Demolition: A handyman can assist with the initial stages of the remodel working on taking out old fixtures, removing tile, and tearing down non bearing walls. Demoing doesn’t not require a unique skill set and it can be executed by your local Detroit handyman.
  • Basic plumbing and electrical work: Some handyman services in Detroit offer minor plumbing and electrical repairs in Detroit. They can replace faucets, shower heads, and light fixtures, also minor pipe repairs or outlet replacements. However, if more advanced plumbing and electrical work you should hire a licensed professional in Detroit.
  • Fixtures installed: A handyman can install a toilet, sink, mirror, or vanity. These tasks are in the scope of a handyman and doing these improvements will increase the look and overall functionality of the bathroom.
  • Tile install: Tiling is a crucial aspect of a bathroom remodel and many handymen have experience installing basic tile. They can handle smaller tiling jobs such as back splashes, or small floor areas. But for more complex tile work especially in wet areas like a shower, its best to hire a tile installer in Detroit.
  • Drywall and paint: A handyman can polish up your bathroom with patching holes and putting a new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling plus they can do sanding before painting.
  • Minor carpentry work: If your bathroom remodel needs new trim or shelves or cabinets a handyman in Detroit can often handle these tasks effectively.

What a handyman can’t do with a bathroom remodel

  • Structural changes: A handyman should not try and do any structural changes to your bathroom this can include moving load bearing walls or altering the layout. These tasks should be done by a licensed contractor in Detroit or a structural engineer.
  • Extensive plumbing or electrical work: Rewiring or relocating pipes, or installing new circuits should be left to a licensed professional.
  • Custom tile work: If you want elaborate tile work or a certain pattern and waterproofing for your shower or tub this should be handled by an experienced tile installer that has experience with bathroom remodels.
  • Permits and regulations: A handyman may not always be in the know about local building codes or regulations. It is important to consult a licensed contractor or architect to ensure that bathroom remodel compiles with the legal requirements.
Hire the right professional handyman in Detroit

Lastly, a handyman can play a valuable role in your bathroom remodel, especially when it comes to smaller projects and tasks that don’t require specialized skills. But remember the more extensive the remodel with plumbing or tile installs its advisable for you to hire a professional that has extensive professional expertise and knowledge on the remodel. You want a clear and carefully planned out project scope and the right professional for the job. A bathroom remodel in Detroit can do a lot for your homes value.

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