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Hornets Nest Removal in Detroit

A hornet’s nest can be dangerous and damaging to your home. Typically to have a hornet’s nest removed can cost $375 and go all the way up to about $1,300.

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Do you have a wasp or hornet’s nest inside or outside of your home that you need to be taken care of? Give us a call today for an inspection.

How to notice a hornet’s nest

hornet pest control

You can usually notice a nest when you see wasps flying around your garbage can or landscaping in Michigan. To completely remove the hornet’s infestation you should hire a professional pest control expert in the area of Detroit.

There isn’t much difference between a hornet’s nest and a wasp’s nest. For hornet’s nest pest control, the cost may vary depending on the size of the nest and how easy it is to get access to it.

For wasp removal, the cost all depends on the methods that have to be used for removal. The size of the nest is something to consider too. Plus once you have the nest removed are there any repairs that need to happen will also determine the pricing.

Where hornets build their nests

Hornets normally build nests in the eaves of your roof, nearby trees, or any other outdoor locations. If the hornets’ nest is inside these types of nests can be harder to remove so they can cost more, and yes, we have seen some hornets’ nests inside the home. Hornet or wasp nest removal in an attic can be a bit cheaper because it can be easier to access than in an outdoor location.  

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If the hornets’ nest is in the walls of your home expect to pay more around $350 to $875. The exterminator will in this case drill a hole in the wall and use a pesticide to kill the hornets. Any home repairs that need to happen once this is done are going to be an extra cost to the homeowner.

Hornets also can make their homes in your chimney stack which can be very dangerous for your house and you are looking at a nest removal of $600 for this. It all depends on how easy the nest is to get to ask a local pest control expert in Detroit.  Some pest control specialists will set traps in your chimney at the top chimney to get rid of the hornets.

Ways to save time with hornet’s nest inspection

Some ways you can save on hornet nest removal in Detroit is if you locate the nest yourself so when the pest control expert comes out you shorten the time for the nest inspection,

You should get multiple inspections from local Detroit pest control experts and compare prices and services and go with the best option that offers the best value.

Next, you want to remove all obstacles that would create issues for the Detroit pest control expert to complete the nest removal job in a timely fashion. You want the service to start and end quickly.

Hire a pest control expert if you don’t have the right equipment

If you don’t have the proper equipment to remove a hornet’s nest we encourage you to connect with a nearby pest control company in the Detroit area. If you’re doing it yourself you may have to spray the nest multiple times to make sure the job is complete but if you hire a pest control company they know how to get rid of the nest properly and safely.

Aerosol hornet killing spray will kill wasps and hornets instantly but you should advise a pest control expert in your area if the hornet’s nest is large.

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