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Keep Your Fireplace Safe And Clean in Michigan

Here are ways to keep your fireplace and chimney safe and clean in Michigan. 

Keep your fireplace up in Michigan 

A fireplace is a cozy up your home and keep it warm not just in the winter months in Michigan but all year long depending on where you live. 

Fireplace doesn’t add much value if it’s rarely used, but it is a nice addition  in northern climates. 

If you ask advice, and for those who love the comfort of a fireplace in the warm glow, it could be wood or gas or simple faux fireplace to cozy up your home.

Wood and gas or faux are definitely your best options. When it comes to an inspection, upkeep and maintenance it is recommended to homeowners inspection cleaning and making repairs to ensure your fireplace is efficient and safely functioning in Michigan. 

Hire a Detroit area fireplace pro

It is also recommended to use a Detroit fireplace professional, because fireplaces can be dangerous and it isn’t worth taking a risk.

It’s very important to keep your chimney clean in Michigan and your fireplace in top condition. To ensure the safety of your home depend on it your fireplace can become very dangerous if left on swept for too long. A buildup of debris insert and a deposit called creosote can create a bad fire hazard. 

Creosote starts out as soot, but then builds up on your chimney walls. After it hardens, it becomes highly corrosive and flammable which need to be removed before a fire could start. Also, it is good for a homeowner with a gas fireplace to know that soot can build up inside your gas fireplace chimney just isn’t much can with a wood burning fireplace. 

Chimney safety for all 

The chimney safety institute of America is a great place to learn about fireplace and chimney maintenance. According to experts, you should inspect chimneys in Detroit and fireplaces and vents at least once a year for soundness, freedom, and deposits and correct clearances. If you use your fireplace more often, you should maintain it every season. This also includes cleaning and repairs as it may need.

If you smell an odor or see smoke, it is very important to act quickly. The chimney safety Institute of America statistics show that more than 25,000 chimney fires occur annually in the United States. 

DIY chimney inspections in Michigan 

If you opt for DIY fireplace maintenance in Imlay City MI or Detroit there are some best practices to follow  

  • Check your exterior of your fireplace for gaps or cracks.
  • Clean the glass, using vinegar and water or purchase a fireplace glass cleaner.
  • Check any logs for deterioration or changes in color.
  • Test your gas ignition, then turn off the gas and clean up all valves and ports.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detector for proper operation. If you don’t have one now is the time to install one in your home near your fireplace. If you need help with this a Detroit area handy man can help you out. 
Chimney inspection in Michigan
Call in the pros for chimney inspections or repairs 

If you can’t complete any of these chimney inspection tasks or find anything unusual, along the way, it’s time to call in a professional chimney sweep in Detroit, a  chimney sweep can take several necessary steps to keep your fireplace in a safe working condition also chimney sweep service near me typically includes: 

  • Inspection and maintenance of your chimneys exterior to keep it strong against whether or any water.
  • Prevention of animals and bird nesting in chimneys that would create a blockage or fire hazard.
  • To use camera to sneak down the length of the chimney to inspect it fully.
  • Advice and steps to deal with downdraft, smoky fireplaces, and other needed repairs.
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What required for a chimney professional in Michigan 

Licenses are not required in the chimney sweeping industry. Although finding a chimney sweeper who can provide proof of certification and insurance is a great idea. Before you call a chimney sweep in Detroit do the simple things.

  • Remember, the last day of your chimney inspection and cleaning.
  • Check for signs of creosote build up.
  • Write down any significant weather events or structural changes to your home in the past year.
  • Clear all items away from your hearth. 

Before you cozy up in front of your fireplace with a Bible and a cup of your favorite hot tea, be sure to have your chimney and fireplace. Inspected and serviced. A great chimney, sweep, professional, and Detroit can put you at ease for the entire fireplace season. Happy snuggling.

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