Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioner in Michigan

Keeping your air conditioner in good condition man your AC unit will have a long life. If you take care of the air conditioner problem they are small and you won’t have to deal with the large air conditioner issues that pop up that may result in expensive HVAC repairs in Michigan.

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Clean your ac unit in Michigan regularly

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Keeping your air conditioner clean will help reduce the amount of air that gets sucked into it. You should also level the condenser and clean the condensate drain if you can.

Keeping your air conditioner filters clean will help reduce the energy that it takes for your air conditioner to run. Plus it helps with the collection of dust and debris build-up. You should be looking to get your AC unit serviced at least once a year in Michigan to make sure it’s properly running for your home.

Clean the ac filters

The AC filter should be cleaned at least once a month if not more. You can make this easier on yourself by buying disposable filters or just purchasing an air wash or rents filter for your AC unit me personally I like to change my air filters every quarter.

Level your ac unit

When you level the condenser this is important for the proper functioning of your cooling system. If your condenser is not level you could be wasting energy and speed. A level AC unit will Broadmoor efficiently meaning you will save money in the long run.

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HVAC specialists in the Detroit area or in areas of Flint or Sterling Heights can help make sure that your AC unit is at the level on the pad or base they can make the small adjustments for you.

If your AC unit is not level outside you may run the risk of coolant leaks because the coolant wires are bent. The smallest bend can make the lines crack and you could have a dangerous leak or repair on your hands.

For some people, it might be easy to level your AC unit outside but for comfort and reassurance, you can always consult with a local HVAC professional in the Detroit area to help out and level your unit.

If the AC unit is sitting on an uneven piece of concrete you may need to have the ac unit lifted and repair or replace the concrete pad your ac unit sits on. It’s not uncommon over time. You can have a new concrete pad poured quickly in Michigan.

Clean the condensate drain on the ac unit

Cleaning the condensate drain is important to the overall maintenance of your ac unit. If you notice a clog in your drain it’s best to have a professional HVAC contractor come out and take care of the issue. You can clean out the condensate drain line with distilled vinegar. You should let the distilled vinegar sit to clear build-up for 30 minutes.

Check the ac unit fins

Check the fins of the ac units. First, unplug the ac unit from any power and then take off the access panel. Then comb off the debris on any of the fins. Look for any discolored fins or bent fins and use a cleaning solution on the fins and then use the comb to bend the fins back into place. You can also use credit cards to bend back fins just don’t use too much pressure you don’t want to risk breaking the fins off the ac unit.

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You can also use this method for a window ac unit too. It’s not always easy to bend the fins back into place so be patient and take your time.

Reach out to a Detroit area HVAC contractor if you need to at any time with AC unit maintenance.

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