Reasons For A Home Warranty: HVAC Edition

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You may have a question about your HVAC and it might be is the repairs for your HVAC system covered by a home warranty? A home warranty can be a great value for expensive household needs such as HVAC systems in Michigan. The coverage really depends on the maintenance history and policy.

What can be covered with a warranty?

Typically with HVAC parts or components, they are covered by a home warranty. Home warranties are there to cover the maintenance and repair of normal wear and tear of age-related failures on units and appliances. Usually, home warranties cover whatever home insurance doesn’t cover. Home insurance really focuses on repairs of property damages from weather, fires, and other outside sources.

The policy for your home warranty all depends on what you choose most home warranties have policies that will cover home appliances such as dishwashers, and washers/dryers, which would be considered “appliances only” but the warranty company can also offer “systems only” coverage which can be electrical to plumbing in Michigan, or HVAC.

You can also get a warranty policy that will encompass both systems and appliances so you have coverage for both.

A home warranty usually doesn’t cover anything that’s not worn and torn so if you have busted pipes and it destroys your dryer the warranty probably won’t cover it but your home insurance should. Your home insurance covers damages like that after you pay your deductible.

If your HVAC system quits because of a short while or after a thunderstorm let’s say the home warranty probably won’t cover that but your home insurance policy should.

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Get the coverage you need

Home warranty policies are designed for coverage-related wear and tear on systems and appliances. These policies assume that basic maintenance has been done on the appliance or system and the unit has not been neglected. If the unit has been neglected without care and the technician comes out and the unit is in shambles your home warranty may not cover it all or at all. In short, you need to take care of maintenance issues. Keep a record of any maintenance done on anything in the house.

If you’re trying to get a new AC unit in Michigan with your warranty having a track record for regular maintenance will help in the overall success of replacing the unit if you need a new one.

To be honest the best thing you can do to help prolong your HVAC systems lifespan in Michigan is to have regular maintenance done to it. There is some maintenance the homeowner can do such as changing the filters every three months or so. An annual check-up or cleaning isn’t a bad idea to make sure everything is running correctly. If you have scheduled a check-up for your HVAC recently you should call in a local Michigan HVAC professional your HVAC system and air quality will thank you. Plus your home warranty will become a more useful tool.

Are home warranties worth it?

Home warranties may be more cost-effective for you in the long run so yes they are worth it. Yes, a home warranty can be an upfront cost but think about home an HVAC call can be? We really never know. Because you never know what’s wrong with the unit until it’s checked out.

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A home warranty isn’t as expensive as you may think and the cost of a call all depends on the package you select you could have a service call as low as $75. The average cost of replacing an AC unit is around $3,700 to $7,000 that the cost a homeowner pays for replacing.

There can be a set charge for repairs to HVAC systems a home warranty can make it feasible for service calls and save you money on small repairs. With the fixed cost of a repair, you will be able to fix the small AC problems with confidence and stay within your budget and not let the small problems become larger.

Read the home warranties carefully

Before you are signing the home warranty contract make sure you know the type of commitment you are making. Read the fine print on everything because a home warranty will only cover what the contract specifies so make sure what you want to be covered is covered. Be comfortable asking questions if you don’t know you want to make sure your bases are covered is all. You want to make sure anything that is expensive in your home is covered, that’s usually the biggest complaint of a home warranty that the appliance wasn’t covered fully.

If something isn’t covered that is important in your home and your reading the contract carefully it’s okay to shop around for the correct home warranty.  HVAC warranty usually tells you in the contract what you should avoid with them to avoid being disappointed. The coverage is key with all home warranties.

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