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Five Tips To Prepare Your HVAC For The Winter in Michigan 

‘Tis the season to having high heating bills. With the high prices of gas, do you want to make sure that your HVAC system is in tiptop shape. 

HVAC maintenance Detroit

Check the economizer

you should have your economizer checked. When it comes to HVAC system, Cesar misunderstood and overlooked. Without the proper maintenance, your damper can get stuck and your sensor can drift out of calibration, seal can fail and more. You want to make sure your economizer was installed correctly. 

Your economizer is efficient in cutting energy costs. You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

make sure your heat exchangers are in good shape

inspect your heat, exchangers it is imperative to take your heat exchangers at the beginning of every heating season. If your heat exchanger is not working properly, your building or Home won’t heat properly. It can be dangerous also for leaks and other damages if you neglect them.

If you notice that your building or house has hot and cold spots, you might want to have somebody inspect it. Your house or building may be subject to testing or adjusting the balance or air and water balancing. A tab test can basically rule out any HVAC performance issues.

Inspect heat pump

Check your heat pump system. Regular heat pump maintenance can help with small issues that can turn into major issues down the road. it is imperative to inspect all components around the heat pump to make sure everything is working as it should. You should replace the parts that are worn or not working correctly on the system. A local Detroit area HVAC specialist can help with the repair or replacement of the system. You want to repair or replace any parts that will cause issues down the road as soon as possible.

look at your heating controls

Before making the switch over to heat its important to make sure all the controls are working correctly. If your thermostat is broken again, cause you’re heat to run on short cycles, run non-stop, or not at all. There could be a simple task that changing the batteries in your thermostat can solve the problem and make sure you have the correct settings in place.

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