Cleaning Your Window AC Unit in Michigan

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A window air conditioner can be a lifesaver if you don’t have central air. Plus it helps during the hotter months of the year, especially in Michigan. When you have a hot house it’s no fun and staying cool can be a top priority for most.

But over time the heavy-duty use of an AC unit can take its toll. Remember it’s important to clean it on a regular basis if you can. If you don’t you can have a local handyman or AC service nearby in Metro Detroit come out and clean it or service it.

Window AC

By keeping the window AC unit clean you are avoiding mold and mildew build-up inside your unit and getting more long-term life out of it. Another upside to a clean AC unit is that they don’t use as much energy as a dirty AC unit does.

The process of cleaning an AC unit isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Following these tips can help you have an energy-efficient AC unit all season long.

The AC unit cleaning supplies you need

You will want to gather all your AC unit cleaning supplies such as:

  • Towels
  • Warm water
  • Soap or detergent
  • Your drip dry tray that goes under the AC unit
  • A spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide

Change out your AC filter

You will want to clean the window AC filter inside the AC unit this is very important. You will want to try and do this monthly to make sure the AC unit is running smoothly.

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Changing out the AC filter on a regular basis is good to about every month or if you want to wait a little bit I’d do it every quarter. But it also depends on how often you run your AC unit.

Wipe down your AC unit while the filter is drying take this time to wash down the exterior of your AC. You want to make sure that the gaps where the air comes out are clean and there aren’t any dust particles.

After cleaning the grill you want to make sure you wipe down the top side of the air conditioner. Really just take care of where you think the dirt and dust can be hiding and don’t forget to wait until the AC unit is dry before running it again.

Clean off the coils and fins

Clean the fins and coils of the AC unit get in there is a bush of some kind the best brush to use is a soft bristle comb and gently brush the coils and fins. This should be done quarterly some HVAC pros in Michigan will suggest. Take your time with this if you rush you can bend fins and cut yourself up (the fins can be sharp) but also take this time to fix any bent fins if you see any.

Use a can of condensed air to dust off the coils make sure you go through this process as best as possible cleaning the coils because you don’t want debris making the AC unit from not working correctly.

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Clean out the AC tray

Clean out the tray on the AC unit and let it drain you can use a wet dry vac if you have one to speed up the process. Collect all the debris you can and let the tray dry before you reassemble it to the AC unit. Make sure the drain isn’t blocked you can use a cloth to clean out the tray if you need to. You want to make sure that the water has a clear way to exit the tray before you reassemble it.

Last step for window AC cleaning

Finally, after everything is dry you can reassemble your AC unit and then give it a final spray to avoid any mildew growth. This is where your 3% hydrogen peroxide will come in handy. Spray that where the air flows in and out. One suggestion is to wait till the hydrogen peroxide dries before running your AC unit. But you should have cleaner and colder air after you clean the AC unit with these tips.

Hire an AC unit cleaning service

There are window AC cleaning services in Michigan that can come out and clean out your unit for you if you don’t want to hassle with it or you can’t. Just give us a call.  

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