Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks For The Detroit area

Fall is finally here which means that your air conditioner is going to finally get that long-awaited rest. This is a good time of the year to make sure that you take care of the maintenance of your HVAC system before next spring and summer.

Here are a few HVAC maintenance tasks you should start on now.

HVAC Inspection in Detroit

Make sure you leave your AC unit in working condition this fall with an AC inspection from a Detroit area professional.

Clean the coils of your AC in Detroit

Detroit HVAC service

Cleaning your evaporator coil. Your evaporator coil turns hot air into cold air. Cleaning this coil means that your unit will stay energy efficient and keep your house cool. You will find the evaporator coil in the front of your AC unit which will need it to be which the front panel will need to be taken off to clean it.

Turn off your unit and take a brush or a soft cloth and brush the dust and debris off. You also want to get that grime taken care of too.

Clean or replace your AC filter

Every 2 to 3 months you want to replace your air filter this gets dirty you can get air filters pretty cheap at your local hardware store they usually offer but I won’t get one free on air filters. Over time these air filters get clogged up with debris and it makes the AC unit work harder than it has to.

Sometimes there isn’t really much wrong with your AC unit beside you haven’t changed out your AC filter in a few months you should be doing this on a regular basis.

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Not changing out your air filter every couple of months also affects the air quality within your home so if you want to keep a healthy and clean home change in your air filter takes about 2 to 5 minutes and an HVAC specialist and Detroit can help you with that type of maintenance or show you how to change it yourself.

Some air filters for AC units can be reusable but we suggest that you clean your air filter if that’s the case once a month if not you should be replacing your air filter on a regular basis I like to say around each season we go through in a year.

Clean out the outdoor AC unit

No, I don’t forget your outdoor unit that needs to be cleaned two. To make sure that your outdoor AC unit is running smoothly you need to make sure it’s clean of dirt and debris you can use a hose or air compressor to clean it.

It is highly advised not to plant any bushes or trees close to your AC unit this will also help reduce cleaning of the debris and anything that falls from the shrubbery.

Take care of your coil fins on your AC unit

Take care of your coil fins. These fins help with heat transfer. When the fins are bent you hurt airflow which hurts efficiencies with your unit. You can use a putty knife to straighten the fins manually. Do not put all your strength in to straighten them because you can sometimes damage the fence so be super careful.

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Have your AC unit professionally inspected by a Detroit HVAC specialist

You should have an HVAC contractor in the Detroit area come out and professionally look at your HVAC system in Detroit even after you do these maintenance tasks. The HVAC inspection is ultimately a safeguard for making sure that you won’t have any issues for next season when you turn your AC on.

Show your AC unit some love right now

Now that the summer is over hopefully for the season your AC system can have a good long break. But still, give the unit the love it needs to stay Efficient. With just the simple HVAC maintenance steps you can make sure that your AC unit will stay in working condition if the temperatures were to rise in the next couple of months.

HVAC Inspection in Detroit

Make sure you leave your AC unit in working condition this fall with an AC inspection from a Detroit area professional. Get quotes today.

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