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How To Prevent Water Damage Without Gutters On Your Home in Detroit

Rain gutters are a useful tool to help preserve your home and prevent major water damage.

Gutters are important in Detroit Michigan

Gutters help divert water from your foundation in Michigan or your siding helps preserve your basement from flooding.

Gutters can also help preserve your landscaping in Michigan your soil your patio area and your roof Michigan.

If cleaning your gutters in the Detroit area has become too much of a hassle for you you might want to look into an alternative solution.

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Need Help With Your Gutters?

If you need new gutters or want to repair them in Detroit. We have licensed gutter contractors in the area.

There are multiple options for gutters

Maybe you want to change out the style of gutter that you have we have a few different ways that you can divert water away from your home without the use of gutters if you don’t like them.

Installation of drip edges on the roof

You can have drip edges installed on your roof. There are basically metal sheets that are on the roof edges that are going to reduce the spread of rainwater on the house walls. Drip edges can also help your foundation walls in Detroit from absorbing the water. This option can be great because even with gutters the water can end up sneaking behind the gutter and riding the walls of the home

Install a drip path

You could be looking for a more stylish option which could be the drip path. They are paved paths that are designed to catch the rainwater. By placing rocks you can strategically place them into the soil and divert the water away from your foundation. To do this you have to find out where the water from your roof Falls and then dig a trench around the house and make sure you have the materials installed correctly so the water runs away from the house.

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Installing rain chains

You can use rain chains That can direct water into a reservoir that you can use for planters. Typically rain jeans are installed in the corners of the roof to still make it attractively appealing for your home. But if you are in a heavy rain area rain chains are not recommended because they are not for heavy-duty rain and they actually have to be taken down during colder seasons but they are a great alternative if you do not want gutters on your home. They can also be expensive to install with a local handyman.

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