How Much is Gutter Cleaning Cost in The Detroit Michigan Area

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On average, the homeowner pays about $180-$225 to get their gutters cleaned. That price depends on the height and size of your home and how often you choose to have gutter cleaning in Michigan. Professional gutter cleaning services in the Detroit area charge around $100-$120 on the low end and about $375-$500 on the high end. 

How much does gutter cleaning cost in Michigan?

So if you are looking for $99 gutter cleaning the Detroit area you may be in luck depending on the size of your home. 

A national average for gutter cleaning is around $200. 

Are your gutters currently stuck with muck and debris? Then you may be paying more for a cleaning. A two or three story home may need more letters meaning more risk which will increase the cost of the gutter cleaning in Michigan.

In general professional gutter companies that clean out your gutters estimate pricing on the length of your home’s gutter system. The larger the home the more time and effort it’s going to take to clean your gutters. Therefore, it might cost a bit more to get the gutters clean. 

Average gutter cleaning prices in Michigan

Here is how most gutter cleaning companies average out the cost of gutter cleanings in Michigan

  • 0 to 1000 ft: $99
  • 1000 to 2000 ft: $120
  • 2000 to 3000 ft: $135
  • 3000 to 4000 ft: $175
  • 4000 to 5000 ft: $215

Some gutter cleaning companies in Michigan may offer an hourly rate for gutter cleaning services. Here is how the hourly rates can fall. 

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Average prices per hour for gutter cleaning

The average in the state of Michigan is $75 per hour . On the low end cost you’re looking at $25 to $45 an hour. At the high rate, you’re looking at $130 to $140 an hour.

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Most gutter cleaning companies will publicize general pricing, but they won’t finalize a price until they see the property and how much gutter space you actually have on your house. This can be because they want to verify the linear feet of gutters according to your home.

gutter cleaning in Michigan
How does risk for a cleaning your gutters play into the cost?

If you are not adverse to gutter cleaning in Michigan, gutter cleaning can be pretty risky. Balancing on steep roofs. Also, being on tall ladders can be considered dangerous for some homeowners. Although the average gutter cleaning may just require one ladder, you may come across stay home Deb may be three stories or the gutter cleaning professional is finding themselves having to be on a very, very steep inclined roof that maintaining focus is going to be key.

It is up to the gutter cleaning professional to charge. Accordingly if they consider the gutter cleaning job a higher risk you may be charged more. We have a list of instances that gutter professionals may charge more for cleaning.

  • Second or third story gutters
  • Unstable grounds
  • A steep roof pitch
  • Hard to reach gutters (this can be from overgrown trees)

Depending on the company that you have come out to clean your gutters, you could see a price hike in the $200s for a gutter cleaning job just for the potential risk factor.

How do the professionals clean the gutters?

Gutters work to catch falling, rain, and snow and diverted away from your home. But your gutters can also catch things like leaves, pollen, twigs, and all kinds of debris. 

Clog gutters can lead to foundation issues in Michigan clog soffits and facia boards. Although clean gutters like the water drain away safely down your downspouts from the roof. Clean gutters also prevent issues down the road, saving you time and money.

Clearing your gutters in the Detroit Michigan area means that you’re getting rid of all the nasty debris that’s blocking your water flow and cleaning out ant down spouts. One good thing of having a professional gutter cleaning in Michigan is that after the cleaning if there’s any repairs your gutters that need to happen, we have a professional that can solve the issue the same day. Most gutter professionals can tackle the project with a sealant or gutter hangers normally, it’s a one day project. Most common gutter repairs for homeowners in Michigan are saggy gutters or gutter leaks.

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Though a DIY homeowner can take on the project of gutter cleaning in Michigan. Professional gutter cleaner is better equipped to take on those hard-to-reach places with your gutters on your home and handle cleaning two-story gutter systems in Michigan. If you want to DIY cleaning your gutters using a hose will suffice for simple gutter cleaning if you can’t find a professional gutter cleaner near you that’s reasonable.

When should I get my gutters cleaned in Michigan

Most homeowners in Michigan, clean the gutters and downspouts during the fall or winter season. This is usually best because all the leaves fall, clogging gutters and cause drainage problems.

If your gutters are in disrepair don’t let them wait hire a local gutter, cleaning, professional near you in Michigan to clean them. Clogs can cause your roof to leak creating a larger issue with your home.  Not to mention the potential to having home foundation issues or rot within your home leading to expensive repairs. And the gutter cleaning you would’ve gotten there in the autumn would’ve been just $100-$300 and now sounds like a good plan but is too late.

Think ahead and remember that spring and summer of the slow part of the gutter cleaning season if your gutters are booking like they are in decent shape it may not hurt to wait or get the job done early. Cleaning out your gutters also ensures that you will be prepared for when the rainy season hits in your area of Michigan.

Note: during the slow season costs are lower and generally you can save money on Michigan gutter cleaning. Or gutter cleaning anywhere.

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gutter cleaning in MI
How often should you get your gutters cleaned?

Gutter cleaning and downspout clearing prevent water, damage near or in your home, so we recommend spring for a cleaning service  once a year in Michigan. The thing that we can suggest is that you can shop around for gutter cleaning services near me to find the best price for winter time cleanings and some companies will even offer discounts for spring gutter cleaning up.

Should you install a gutter cover?

A gutter cover may save you time and money in the future. The upfront cost is going to catch you at first, but it might be worth the investment for the future. The cost is around seven dollars to $10 a linear square foot

Gutter guards do not eliminate the need for regular gutter cleanings in Michigan but they will protect from a large amount of debris and your gutter system. We want you to also know that a gutter guard may help reduce the amount of gutter cleanings from every year to maybe every 2 to 3 years. You will need a cleaning to clear the debris it can be a fair trade off. 

Find gutter cleaning services near you

If you don’t have experience cleaning gutters in Michigan or just don’t feel like it’s your thing this year? You can always hire a professional gutter cleaner in your area of Detroit MI. Start receiving estimates from pros for gutter cleaning today in Detroit as low as $99

Also don’t forget to compare gutter cleaning estimates near you in Detroit Michigan. Do your online research read reviews, ask friends and family for a reputable gutter cleaning service in your area. You want to give them all the information about your house and the gutter system that you have installed remember that the cost is calculated mostly by the linear feet of your home. That is why it is highly encouraged for you to shop around for the best deal.

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